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DR Rare Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings RPL-10 Extra Light 10-48

Item# DR_RPL-10
Buy Discount DR Rare Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings RPL-10 Extra Light 10-48 On Sale Online and Save
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Item Description

Low tension... the sound is Loud and Warm The RARE phosphor bronze acoustic strings are a departure from the standard, good quality bronze string currently available... not necessarily better, but possessing a new, different, and stronger "voice". When DR set out to produce a string with new characteristics, our goal was to redesign contemporary thinking about what phosphor bronze can do for a good acoustic guitar Hand-carved arch-tops and dreadnaughts and good steel string acoustic guitars of rosewood, maple, and mahogany seem to benefit from a distinct improvement in tone, depth, and sustain with RARE phosphor strings. Players who want a fatter, louder sound, a deeper bottom... (who like to hear their guitars ring out..) will appreciate the RARE phosphor tone, sound, and feel. According to our heavy-playing bluegrass friend, three-time national guitar picking champion Steve Kaufman, RARES last an unusually long time.

RPL-10 Lite 10 14 22 30 38 48
RPML-11 Medium-Lite 11 15 22 30 40 50
RPM-12 Medium 12 16 24 32 42 54
RPBG-12/56 Bluegrass 12 16 24 34 45 56
RPMH-13 Medium-Heavy 13 17 26 34 45 56


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By Vincent
Warrington, PA
September 3, 2018
Great Sounding Phosphor Bronze Set
DR Rare PB Set sounds great on my Bourgeois D150. Tons of harmonics racing out of my Brazilian body guitar. They keep their tone and harmonic content longer than most uncoated strings. In my book they blow away any and all coated strings.
ProsGreat sound and tons of harmoics. Great value. Long lasting.
ConsRoundwound feel is slightly bigger than hex wound.
By Bryce
Magnolia, Texas
May 18, 2018
Great for Bluegrass!
I've begun to play DR strings recently having started with the Veritas PB's which I like a lot. The DR Rare's in the bluegrass gauge really sound great with both tone and projection. They've been on my madagascar rosewood dread for 66 days and still sound good.
Prostone volume life
April 16, 2018
I don't get how people describe these as low tension - they replaced a set of Martin ECs (same gauge 12-54s), and the DRs felt a little bit tighter IMO, especially the two top strings felt higher tension. They sound good enough. I could easily live with these, but prefer my regular Martins.
ProsGood sound.
By Gregor
September 5, 2017
Surprise, surprise!
I love these strings--again. I recently dropped of my prized (expensive) acoustic guitar, and left a set of these in medium for my luthier to use for some slight set-up adjustments. In my mind, having tried other strings over the past year or so and liking them, these had become the "cheap strings" that I could use for a throwaway set (my tech always gets me my guitars back with dirty strings, as he gives them a workout as he gets the guitar adjusted just-right. Well, as I was sitting in his shop trying out the guitar the other day, these strings just sang and sang and sang, and would not quit (and they were very dirty). After playing them for fifteen minutes or so, I said to him: "I realize all over again why I fell in love with these strings the first time." They simply have everything I want in an acoustic guitar string.
ProsDymanic Singing Punchy Easy on the fingers
By Elisa
August 13, 2016
Warm and Big Sound for my 1957 Gibson LG-1
I have a 1957 Gibson LG-1 that has after-market x-bracing. It has a very big and balanced sound with any strings generally, but the DR Rare strings make it sound even bigger and warmer. My little guitar really likes these strings.
By Matt W.
August 7, 2016
Tone monsters!
I put these on my cedar/rosewood mini jumbo and they really have brought out the lushness of this guitar! I've tried Sunbeams as well, and like them as well, but the Rares really seem to fit this tonewood combination. It brings out the deep low end range but also articulates the highs as well and I really like them for fingerstyle. They also handle strumming and a pick, and seem to have good volume. I have a bunch of other strings to use but when I need another set, I'm definitely going with the Rares again. Strings and Beyond gives great service as well!
ProsYou can buy a medium gauge and still have flexibility of a light gauge.
By Cary
Northern California
October 5, 2015
Finally, a string I want to stick with...
Like most guitar players, I've strung my instruments with pretty much every type of string available over the last 30 years, in a fun (sometimes frustrating) search for that particular set that brings out the best in my D-18. Finally, this is the set. That doesn't mean I'll never try another string, but at the moment, DR Rares are really satisfying my need for warmth, power, volume, AND longevity. A quartet of attributes that's difficult to find in a single set of guitar strings. I personally use the 13-gauge, so I can't speak for the other gauges available. The Rares start off a bit brash in the trebles, but with a few hours of play that brashness fades away, and you are left with a warm and rich tone that lasts quite a bit longer than other non-coated strings. Honestly, for me, with my body chemistry and my guitar, DR Rares last longer than Elixirs. YMMV.
ConsCan't seem to find them sold by the case.
By Dan
Fair Oaks, Ca.
May 31, 2015
Great strings
Excellent strings. A joy to play
By Ed
harrisville, WV
February 12, 2015
great string at a great price
This particular DR set provides wonderful tone and durability for an uncoated string. I use 12-54 gauge and they have always done the job for me especially on Rosewood bodied guitars. Excellent tone from full low end to crisp and smooth high end with a strong midrange response.
By stuart macneil
March 6, 2010
dr phosphor bronze string "rare"
These strings impressed me more than any other acoustic strings ever have. I bought the med/light which is slightly lighter than the strings I usually use. These things stay bright longer than coated strings. They are powerful and punchy, but have a phosphor bronze fullness. I left them on my guitar for months before I broke a string (I play REALLY hard). I think I found my string, but I'm still going to try other stuff from these guys. If you play a big dreadnought really hard, or want strings that play fast with perfect tension, try these.

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