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DR Sunbeam Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Item# DR_RCA-1X
Buy Discount DR Sunbeam Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
DR Sunbeam Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
DR Sunbeam Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
DR Sunbeam Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Item Description

Sunbeam Phosphor Bronze Strings feature round core construction for remarkable sustain. The tone does not decay as it does with other phosphor bronze strings that seem to sustain in a straight line until the sound falls off. Sunbeam acoustics are musically bright, rich sounding, and very flexible.

RCA-10 Light 10-14-22-30-38-48
RCA-11 Medium Light 11-15-22-30-40-50
RCA-12 Medium 12 16 24w 32 42 54
RCA-13 Heavy 13-56


22 Reviews
86% (19)
9% (2)
5% (1)
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86% Recommend this product (19 of 22 responses)
By Nick
Chesterfield, MO
October 19, 2018
Balanced Tone
These are my favorite strings for acoustic guitar, specifically Bluegrass. They have a really balanced tone and feel, largely due to the round core. I tried a lot of hex-core strings on my acoustic guitar before landing on these, and now I can't go back.
ProsLong-Lasting Balanced Tone
ConsNot great for blues (Bottle neck slide specifically).
July 23, 2018
These have become my new favourite - I have been using DR strings on bass for years, but haven't tried the Sunbeam acoustics until now. I am very happy with these, they sound excellent, are very well balanced, and last a long time. What really stands out in my opinion is the quality of the high E and the B string, the unwound strings are really something special. Hard to describe, but to my ear they sound fuller and twangier than other unwound strings, and is probably what makes the set sound so full, even and balanced. I put on my first set of DR on my favourite acoustic a couple of months ago, and haven't looked back.
ProsGreat, great sound.
ConsI always crimp before I cut roundwound strings, no biggie just have to remember.
May 12, 2017
DR Sunbeam RCA12-54 review
These strings are a delight! I play all day and while watching TV. My fingers don't hurt or tire. They stay in tune, perfect intonation, and don't squeak. Round core gives me that soft feel. Pluck or strum, and it's not noisy at all. I ask myself why I waited so long to try them.
ProsCheap. Sounds good. Stays in tune. Versatile . Soft feel. No squeak.
By sergios
March 17, 2016
Great product!
Maybe a little expensive but they do have a great sound. They last (to me) the same as the d'addario ej-16... Fresh pack is a pro
By Roman
Moscow, Moscow
March 3, 2016
a true find
Tried a lot of strings - D`addarios, elixirs, ernies, markley, martins, j pearse & finally I found the best strings for my Martin HD28. They are perfect fol all i need - for fingerpicking, slide, alternate tunings. DR Sunbeams 13-56 is my choice.
By Brian
Chicago, IL
August 5, 2015
Favorite Set
One of my favorite sets of strings. I give it 4 stars due to the fact that one set that I purchased, the wrapping around the core on the D string came undone at the end and the string went dead. Other than that, they're very easy to play, sound great, and last a decent amount of time.
ProsGreat sound Awesome price to value
ConsSome sets, the quality control is not there.
By Colin
Campbell River, BC
June 21, 2015
Love 'em
One of the best acoustic strings i've used. Really mellow out my Taylor, but keeps the bright jangle I love. Also really easy to play do to being round wound.
By Dave
Brampton, ON
February 15, 2015
DR Sunbeam Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
Brings out the woody tone of my J35. Rich and full sounding. Great strings.
ProsTone Playability
By Jim Nailon
Omaha, NE
December 1, 2014
Best I have found
These are my new string, for sure. I have a rather gentle finger picking style and play a Taylor 514CE at church and for recordings of my hymn arrangements. The extra sustain these strings have over other strings is noticeable. They last a long time, too. I've been using the same set for around 2 months and they still sound good. No noticeable tuning issues. JUST BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS INSIDE THE BOX. IF YOU CUT THE STRING BEFORE PUTTING IT ON, IT IS WORTHLESS. I did that the first time, emailed the factory and they sent me another set free. Obviously good people to work with. I have tried other strings, even some fancy, expensive German strings, but these are the best for my purposes.
ProsGreat tone, sustain and longevity.
ConsRead the directions inside the package. They go on a little differently than you are probably used to - not hard, but different. They are definitely worth the extra step.
By Logan
October 30, 2014
Big Surprise
I am actually very surprised. I've used round core electric strings for awhile, but I never figured you could use them on acoustics. I am pleasantly surprised by these strings! They have lasted a very long time and they honestly sound better than any other strings I've tried.
By Brent Marchbanks
August 26, 2014
I'm Satisfied
As a retirement treat for myself, I have dropped $150 to $200 on different string brands. Over the last 50 years, I would change strings and ALWAYS prefer the new set. Obviously, this was due to the old set being worn out, and the new set I was influenced by a review at "Maury's Music" about the Sunbeams. AND, they truly seem to incorporate the brightness and authority of phosphor/bronze without the harshness most strings of that alloy have for weeks. (It works for Neal Young, but no for me.) As you can read elsewhere in these reviews, the Sunbeam "Medium" gauge (12-54) sets are akin to most everyone else's Light gauge. (The notion being that they have more mass in the winding. I presume this comes from the round core allowing a tighter fit with the wrap.) Therefore they play with the strength (?) of a standard Medium set. Yet, they are still more flexible and pliable /playable than standard Mediums. I don't even begrudge Sunbeams the finicky tuning some complain of in these reviews. I am careful to add an extra wind or two in each of the strings at the string post. I also pull and stretch the strings for a few minutes to break them in from the git-go. I ALSO NEVER TRIM THE THE WOUND STRINGS. I have an early Lightfoot album with that look on his D-28. I've always thought it was cool. Old fashioned tone, but livelier than the "new" Martin Monels or the NewTone round wounds. (Also fine products))
ProsTone; Playability; Cost; availability through Strings and Beyond
ConsIdeally, I would want a medium light gauge; approximately 12/16/24/32/41/52. I have tried their "Light Gauge." The 11 and 15 e and b just don't cut it.
By Mark
Madison, WI
January 3, 2014
Great when ease of fretting and mellow tone is needed
I have used these on all types of guitars. They last a good long time, have a nice mellow mid-range tone (I prefer mahogany guitars and they work great for that). They do feel easier to bend and fret due to round core. The round out the tone of guitars that have a bright tone
ProsEasier to bend/fret Nice tone Good life span
By greg
December 10, 2013
DR Sunbeam
amazing sound from the round core
By Steven
Grove City, OH
November 20, 2013
My New Favorite Strings
I originally came to these strings looking for low-tension strings and these were recommended in an acoustic guitar forum. I can't really say they're that much lower in tension than the strings I used to use (Ernie Ball Earthwoods) but wow do these strings LAST. And they really ring!! I just love them and will never go back to the Ernie Balls even though these are a couple of bucks more per set. I'm a working musician and I've gone from changing strings every two weeks to about every six weeks.
ProsTone Durability
By John
New York
July 7, 2013
Best string for my Taylor...
These strings have ended my quest... the best tone and playability for my Tayloy 416ce. I am using the 13-56 gauge and they are great. Not sure why more companies don't make round core strings. They feel, play and sound great! Perfect mix of tension and tone... Hope DR never stops making these... Thanks to Strings and Beyond for their always outstanding service...
ProsThe round core seams to solve the tension issue I was having with other medium gauge strings...
By Andy
Croton on Hudson, NY
January 31, 2013
My Favorite Acoustic Strings
These are outstanding strings! The resonance is unmatched. The string-to-string articulation is balanced and very clear. Rich and bright, bu not jangly. They play well and they last well. I have noticed they may go out of tune a bit easier than some others, but the sound is so much better, I will gladly make a few tuning adjustments.
By Brandon
Whitby, ON
January 18, 2013
Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
these are the best acoustic guitar strings in my opinion. they are easy to play and last long with great sound. i use the 12's. they sound very warm but still have a nice brightness to them. because of the round core, they feel like a gauge lighter.
By Dave
Palatine, Illinois
December 12, 2012
Don't Cut These Strings
The 4 strings that I can bring up to pitch sound nice. Good tone and nice sustain. I normally cut my strings to length before winding them and you can't do it with these strings. Because they have a round core the outside wrap wire will unwind. Make sure you put at least a 90 degree bend in the string before any cuts are made. Unfortunately, this information is on the inside of the box. I've sent an email to DR customer service to change their packaging.
By Carl
Summerside, PEI, Canada
September 21, 2012
I am not easily impress by strings, but this particular brand certainly has. As mentioned by others, these are round core strings, so please follow the instructions and not cut them until they are on. The tone is warm, not bright and thin sounding like other, and they break in very nicely. I guess if I had to compare them to another branch, it would have to be Newtone strings. They have simular characteristics. So far, for my Gibson J-45, these seem to best string I have tried (tried Martin LifeSpan, Elixir Nanowebs, GHS Laurence Jubers, D'Addario EXP's all in the past 2 months). So, needless to say, I will be stocking up on these and I would recommend them in a heartbeat!
ProsThe feel, they seem to have lower tension that other brands. I used medium gauge (13-15) and they feel like light gauge. Oh, and yes, let's not forget the sound!!!
ConsNothing so far.
By Rodolfo Mena
April 6, 2010
Great strings
I use the medium-lights and they have a deep bass tone, also a bright tone. They're easy to bend and soft to my fingers.

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