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Fiddle / Violin Strings

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      Strings and Beyond offers violin and fiddle strings from Thomastik-Infeld, D’Addario, John Pearse and Adamas.

      Strings and Beyond’s wide selection of violin strings from industry leader Thomastik-Infeld gives musicians are variety of options. Skilled technicians wind every Thomastik-Infeld string by hand and check them to ensure their quality and tone. Thomastik-Infeld 135 Dominant Synthetic Core Ball End violin strings are the reference standard, made with steel and Perlon cores and wound with aluminum or, for the G string, silver. The PI100 Peter Infeld Signature violin strings are the first to bring platinum plating to the market. The Red Composite Core strings use a synthetic core that makes them less sensitive to humidity changes. The Blue Composite Core strings are equally responsive but offer a brighter tone than the Red Composite Core strings. Vision Synthetic Core strings are made for orchestral or symphonic musicians and are both easy to play and stable in their tuning. Spirocore Spiral Core strings provide a full and balanced tone with effortless fingering while the Super Flexible Rope Core strings use a braided cable core that makes for an all-around great string. Single strings are available in the Thomastik-Infeld Dominant line. These are just some of the Thomastik-Infeld violin strings to choose from at Strings and Beyond.

      D’Addario H310 Helicore violin strings use damping resins under the windings to provide a warmer and richer sound than steel strings of the past.

      For bluegrass or country music, D’Addario J90 Nickel Flat Wound on Steel fiddle strings are made with hexagonal high-carbon-steel cores wrapped with nickel to provide brilliant intonation, quick bow response and consistent tuning. Adamas 8989 Nickel Silver fiddle strings and John Pearse Aluminum and Nickel Flat Wound on Steel fiddle strings are other options for fiddlers.

      At Strings and Beyond, shipping is always free for orders that meet the minimum purchase requirement in the United States and Canada.