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Bass Strings

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      Shop bass strings for less at Strings and Beyond. We have a wide range of 4- and 5-string bass guitar strings for different tastes, preferences and styles of playing. You can choose from coated or uncoated, nickel flat wound, round wound, half rounds, phosphor bronze, stainless steel and more.

      At Strings and Beyond, you'll find everything you need from flat wound bass for a warm, vintage sound to round wound strings to bring out a brighter tone. Look into half round wound strings, which are round wound then ground down for a tone that falls between vintage warmth and round brightness. Or, check out tape wound strings, with nylon tape wrapped around the wire for a mellow sound and reduced wear on fretless fingerboards.

      We carry Thomastik-Infeld's nickel flat wound, round core Jazz Bass strings, as well as Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky electric bass strings with added dynamic range and exceptional harmonic response. The DR DDT series is especially recommended for drop-down tunings, as these bass strings will maintain intonation better than alternatives. We offer several products from Rotosound, such as their handmade flat wound bass strings, nickel round wound strings and black polymer coated series strings. D'Addario's nylon tape wound, chrome, nickel wound, ProSteel and half round electric bass guitar strings are available in different gauges.

      We recommend trying the many different winding styles, gauges and coatings, until you find the sound that suits you. Not sure which guitar strings are the right choice? Contact us for friendly, knowledgeable advice on choosing bass strings to achieve your full musical potential. Then check out our great deals on all these top brands because we make it easy and affordable to experiment. Plus, all qualifying orders ship free from Strings and Beyond.