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Ken Smith Strings

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      From bass virtuoso Ken Smith come these high-quality electric bass guitar strings that are designed to bring out the best in your instrument. The Ken Smith Rock Masters bass guitar strings are super-bright round-wound strings manufactured to strict quality-control standards. The Ken Smith Taper Core bass guitar strings are the same round-wound stainless steel strings that come on all new Ken Smith bass guitars. The Ken Smith Bass Burner bass guitar strings are round-wound nickel-plated steel springs that provide the brightest sound youíll find from any nickel string and the nickel plating helps prevent damage to your frets, too. All of these Ken Smith strings are also silk wrapped at both ends to protect your guitar. Thatís why musicians say the Ken Smith quality makes the strings worth the price.

      While just about any store carries the same handful of brands of strings, finding a specific set such as these Ken Smith bass guitar strings can have you running all over town and wasting time. Skip the hassle and go straight to Strings and Beyond for fresh stock thatís shipped fast to your door. Almost all orders received by 3 p.m. Eastern time are shipped from the Strings and Beyond warehouse the same day. If you need even faster delivery, click on the Shipping tab in the top menu for other options.

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