Strings by Instrument

Strings and Beyond carries hundreds of kinds of strings, all sorted by brand, so you can quickly find just what you want. But if you’re not sure which brand, gauge or material of string is right for you and your instrument, why not browse them all? Start here by selecting the kind of instrument you play and you’ll see all the strings we carry. Click on the electric guitar strings category and you’ll find well over 300 kinds of strings from makers such as D’Addario, Fender, Rotosound and others. We have more than 200 sets of strings to choose from for acoustic guitars from Cleartone, Elixir and others, and hundreds of choices specifically for classical guitar from more than a dozen string makers such as Savarez, La Bella and Aranjuez. We have more than 100 options for bass guitars, too, in four- and five-string sets. In addition to choosing from different materials and constructions, most of these strings also come in different gauges to give you the feel and sound you want.

Strings and Beyond goes beyond guitars, too, with strings for your banjo from Jim Dunlop, Aquila and others, as well as strings for mandolins, fiddles and violins, ukuleles and other instruments. While many stores only carry the basics, Strings and Beyond’s stocks strings for less common instruments such as the cuatro, dulcimer, oud, cavaquinho, tenor guitar, bajo sexto, requinto guitar, guilele and bouzouki. So if you’ve been having trouble finding strings for your ethnic instrument, take advantage of Strings and Beyond’s huge selection, low prices and fast shipping.

By selecting a category below, you can see the entire selection of strings for your instrument. In addition to manufacturers’ descriptions, be sure to check for reviews from fellow musicians. After all, nobody has a better ear for the sound you’re looking for than the other enthusiastic musicians and Strings and Beyond customers who share your passion for music.