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Acoustic Guitar
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What is Wrap Material?
Phosphor Bronze80/20 BronzeNickel Plated SteelPure NickelStainless SteelNickel Plated SteelPure NickelStainless Steel
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Wrap Material is the material that surrounds the core of the bass strings on your instrument. This material affects the tonal qualities of the sound produced.

For Acoustic, Phosphor Bronze is Warm and 80/20 Bronze is Bright.

For Electric and Bass, Pure Nickel is warm for Jazz, Stainless Steel is bright and Nickel Plated Steel is somewhere in the middle.
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D'Addario Guitar Strings

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      The family-owned, New York-based D'Addario has been in the string-making business for several generations, originating from Italy. Today, they are one of the world's largest string manufacturers. They were the first company to switch from gut strings to nylon, and now produce a wide selection of acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitar strings using the latest technology and materials. D'Addario strings are widely respected among the music industry's most well-known guitar players, including Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz, Pat Metheny, Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith, Dave Matthews and John Scofield.
      In our line of D'Addario guitar strings for acoustic guitars, we have the traditional round wound strings. There are flat tops, which have the same tension and flexibility of round wound, but produces a smoother feel and minimizes finger noise. These strings are especially recommended for slide guitar and flatpicking. Silk & Steel strings use silver-plated copper wrapping which is woven with silky fibers for a softer touch and mellower tone that make them ideal for folk guitar playing. The metal alloys used include phosphor bronze for long life, 80/20 bronze (which is copper and zinc) and silver-plated copper, a favorite of classical and folk players because of its warm tone. D'Addario's EXP micro-fine coating technology treats the wrap wire before winding, which protects the strings while maintaining an uncoated tone and feel. In addition to acoustic and electric strings, D'Addario also makes mandolin strings, ukulele strings, and also strings for mandola, fiddle and banjo.