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Guitar/Microphone Cables

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      You don’t want anything getting between your hot guitar licks and the sound coming out of the speakers. That’s why high-quality instrument cables are a good investment. Planet Waves calls it “In=Out technology.” The sound coming out is exactly what you put in.

      Strings and Beyond carries guitar and microphone cables from Planet Waves and Ernie ball. The top of the Planet Waves line is the Custom Series Instrument cable, which comes with a lifetime guarantee, so it’s the last cable you’ll ever have to buy. The double-insulated, double-shielded design of the Custom Series cable ensures a clean signal with no noise. Next in the Planet Waves line is the American Stage instrument cable, which has GeoTip ends on the plugs so they snap firmly into position and are less likely to come loose unintentionally. The Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument cable offers a slightly more basic design at a considerably lower cost. All three of these Planet Waves instrument cables come in 10-, 15- and 20-foot lengths. For greater protection for your equipment, the Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Instrument cable has a built-in mute switch to prevent loud pops and squeals when you change guitars with a live amp. A button on the cable cuts the circuit while the cable is still plugged in to the guitar. Then you can switch to another instrument, press the button again, and rock on. The circuit breaker cable also comes with a lifetime guarantee. For connecting equipment, pick up a three-pack of Planet Waves’ half-foot Classic Series Patch Cables with right-angle, nickel-plated plugs and dense shielding.

      Strings and Beyond also carries Ernie Ball Ultra Flex 20 gauge instrument cables in 25-foot and 30-foot lengths. These cables are light and flexible without sacrificing shielding and ultra-low capacitance.

      Ordering your cables from Strings and Beyond gets you more than our low prices. We deliver straight to your door, so you can spend more time rehearsing instead of running around town trying to find what you need. And at Strings and Beyond, shipping within the United States is always free when you meet our low minimum purchase requirement.