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DR Strings Veritas Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings VTA-12 Light 12-54

Item# DR_VTA-12
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Item Description

DR Strings Veritas Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

New Acoustic String with ACT - Accurate Core Technology:

Veritas - Truth…

Veritas™ is a first. A revolutionary new category of acoustic strings. Veritas™ strings last up to 4 times as long as an ordinary acoustic strings.

Accurate Core Technology© (ACT©) is at the heart of Veritas™ strings. Superior core wire is the foundation for tone, accuracy and durability. DR’s patented Accurate Core Technology strengthens the core wire and perfects any variation of the core wire. The core wire is far stronger and more accurate along its entire length for highly improved pitch and longer life.

Loud • Bright • Accurate / Phosphor Bronze on a Hex Core

-Last up to 4 times longer
-Loud and bright
-Extremely stable
-Robust and resonant tone, excellent sustain
-Perfect pitch

String Length: 38"

Material: Phosphor Bronze. Round Core Wire reinforced with Accurate Core Technology™. Ball End.

VTA-10 Extra Light 10-14-22-30-38-48
VTA-11 Custom Light 11-15-22-30-40-50
VTA-12 Light 12-16-24w-32-42-54
VTA-13 Medium 13-17-26-34-45-56

DR Strings Veritas Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings VTA-12 Light 12-54
DR Strings Veritas Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings VTA-10 Extra Light 10-48
DR Strings Veritas Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings VTA-11 Custom Light 11-50
DR Strings Veritas Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings VTA-13 Medium 13-56


4 Reviews
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By Steven
Valley Center, CA
not my fav DR string
May 19, 2021
they are fine, but lack the sustain and brightness of the sunbeams
By Anonymous
Very Crystal Clear.
December 23, 2020
I put a set of 10s on an Epi acoustic I had just finished repairs on for a broken neck. It sounds amazing,! I bought the guitar broken. Did the repairs. Had a set of Dean Markley

12 gauge and these on hand. SO glad I went this route. So chimey yet balanced. I played "Wish you were here". The wife said it sounded so much like the original. That is an honor coming from someone that has heard me strum and pluck that tune for 20 yrs in her ear on varied guitars. I played all the same as always. She doesn't know about 12 strings and the sort. That is where the chime comes in. The Rare series also sounds fantastic. More Bass and Mids.
  • Long life "if you have your guitar set up right." The break angle at the bridge is important to these strings lasting. They are set to have the proper tension at the bridge to last as long as claimed. I know this because once my first set broke way early, I adjusted and sure enough. They last.
  • They are harder to bend.
By Bahadir
Bursa, Osmangazi
Nothing special
July 4, 2020
Their claim of up to 4 times longer life is not what I experienced, they didn't last longer than any other uncoated phosphor bronze set.
By Carl
Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Better than I rememered....
January 19, 2020
I first tried these string a couple of years ago but was generally unimpressed with them. Fast forward to today and I am liking these much more. So what changed? Well, maybe they were on the wrong guitar ---- not every brand of string suits every guitar. Some strings really bring out the best in a guitar, some don't. I have them on my Larrivee LV-03R and they really make it come to life, more volume and more low end. They feel like they are lower tension too -- at least that is what my fingers are telling me. Since they are not coated, they mostly likely won't have the fresh staying power of a coated string, but that is the trade off in my opinion --- getting a REAL sound vs. a more muted sound. Give them a chance, you may be impressed like I am.
  • Price (relatively inexpensive)
  • 2 extra strings per set
  • None just yet

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