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Alloy 5109 Strings

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      Alloy 5109 Strings use a newly developed alloy that have greater than ever magnetic properties thereby increasing their tone, sustain and projection.

      Put some rare metal on your guitar with Alloy 5109 strings by Sfarzo. These Alloy 5109 strings use a special alloy made specifically for electric guitars. The magnetic properties of these strings increase their tone, sustain and projection. This special alloy provides a smooth feel and has the added benefit of being less likely to damage your frets. Alloy 5109 strings also get the company’s exclusive RedFRED coating, This polymer coating adds to the string’s shelf life by protecting it from corrosion and makes it last longer once it’s on your instrument by keeping contaminants from getting into the windings. Alloy 5109 also increased the proportion of the winding string to the size of the core wire to enhance string vibration without lowering the output. These handmade strings are individually inspected for quality before they’re packaged and sent off to you.

      Strings and Beyond carries the Alloy 5109 strings for acoustic guitars in four gauges as well as the strings for electric guitars in various gauges and a drop D set and both four-string and five-string sets for bass guitars.

      You don’t have to run around the city to different music stores trying to find specific strings like the Alloy 5109 strings when you can have them quickly delivered to your doorstep from Strings and Beyond. Nearly all orders ship the same day they are received. For full information on shipping options, click on the Shipping tab above. No matter how many different string instruments you play, you can probably equip the entire band with one order from Strings and Beyond. In addition to our low prices, we give you more ways to save money by sharing our offers with your friends through Facebook or Twitter.