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Guitar Accessories & Equipment

      We're called Strings and Beyond for a reason. Consider this the Beyond section. After all, your guitar can't live by strings alone.

      That's why we offer a huge selection of guitar accessories, for better sound, cool looks, greater convenience or just for fun. Be heard with guitar pickups and other electronics from Fender, Fisher, L.R. Baggs, Dean Markley, Martin and others. We carry two dozen different guitar capos.

      It's possible we get carried away, now and then. For example, we carry way more than 100 different kinds of guitar picks: picks with pictures of Bob Marley, Elvis, the Playboy bunny or the Simpsons; picks made of wood, nylon or nickel; flat picks, thick and stubby picks, and thumb picks; classic looks like the Fender Classic Shell or modern art like the Clayton Tenacious D �Pick of Destiny.�

      Express yourself visually, as well as sonically, with a new guitar strap, or begin a collection with Planet Waves� Beatles Guitar Strap set that includes eight guitar straps with artwork from the Beatles albums. If you�re feeling more traditional, choose a leather strap such as the soft leather CF Martin �Ball Glove� strap or a DR 500 Premium Suede leather strap.

      If “have guitar, will travel� is your motto, we can make it easier with Traveler guitars made fit in a gig bag on your back or an overhead bin on an airplane equally well.

      We have Planet Waves 3-Step Guitar Polish packs for cleaning and preserving your instrument, tuners to help you keep it perfectly tuned, humidity and temperature sensors for proper storage, guitar tools for making repairs anywhere, ear plugs to protect your hearing and hand exercisers to improve your strength and stamina, peg winders and polishers and lubricants and � well, you get the idea. If guitar players need it, or can use it to make the musical life a little easier, Strings and Beyond probably has it, sells it at a low price and will ship it to your door, fast.