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Bajo Sexto & Bajo Quinto Strings

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      While lots of places sell guitar strings, you can rely on Strings and Beyond for strings for specialized instruments, as well. Strings and Beyond carries strings for your bajo sexto and bajo quinto from DR, D’Addario and Dean Markley.

      DR’s strings for bajo sexto and bajo quinto are made with round core strings with loop ends for a fatter, louder sound and a musical brightness that really makes your bajo ring out. Descubre la diferencia con cuerdas hecho a mano.

      D'Addario's bajo sexto strings are phosphor bronze round wound for a range of warm to bright acoustic tones, projection, and long life. They deliver both robust lows and upper range articulation with clean chord changes.

      The Dean Markley bajo sexto strings use 80/20 wrap wires around a Swedish steel core wire to provide the driving tone and punch this special instrument needs.

      Count on Strings and Beyond for fast delivery and a wide selection, no matter what instrument you play.