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Dunlop Guitar Strings

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      When you tear into a package of Jim Dunlop strings, youíll notice the extra care that went into packing them. Thatís not a coincidence. Itís a statement about the overall quality that Dunlop puts into making guitar strings, from choosing and testing quality materials to using high-tech string-making equipment for consistent results.

      Strings and Beyond carries a selection of Dunlop strings for electric and acoustic guitars, four- and five-string bass guitars, classical guitars, banjos and mandolins. Musicians say these Dunlop strings stay in tune and produce a bright but not harsh sound thatís comparable with strings costing much more.

      Dunlop offers a variety of strings for bass guitar in stainless steel or nickel-plated steel in different gauges. Dunlop Heavy Core electric guitar strings for both six- and seven-string guitars are made to allow dropped tuning without compromising note quality. For a unique sound, try the Dunlop Stainless Steel Robert Trujillo Icon Series bass guitar strings, which have earned rave reviews. Another entry in Dunlopís Icon series is the Zakk Wylde Strings for electric guitar, which have been road tested by Zakk himself and shown to stand up to the heaviest hands in rock. Meanwhile, the Rev. Willyís Mexican Lottery Brand electric guitar strings from Dunlop were developed with Billy Gibbons and are offered in four gauges, including Billyís preferred Super Fine signature gauge.

      Strings and Beyond also carries Dunlop clear nylon and silver wound strings for classical guitar and phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings in three gauges. Browse the selection of Dunlop strings below and then take advantage of Strings and Beyondís low prices and quick shipping service. If youíre not sure what to buy, call us or send an e-mail. Be sure to read the reviews from other musicians and, once youíve tuned your new set of strings and lived with them for a while, come back and share your opinions.