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Worth Ukulele Strings

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      Worth is one of the most popular brands of strings among experienced ukulele musicians and Strings and Beyond sells Worth Premium Fluorocarbon ukulele strings at low prices. Worth strings provide a bright sound and are used by many professional musicians. We stock both the Brown and Clear versions of these Worth strings for concert and tenor ukuleles. The Brown line produces a warmer sound while the Clear strings are brighter. Choose between a standard set or a low G set. These Worth low G ukulele strings are not wound, so they are less likely to squeak than wound low G strings for ukuleles. You may also see greater longevity with an unwound low G string. With Strings and Beyond�s selection of Worth Premium Fluorocarbon strings, you can also choose from different tensions to obtain just the sound and feel you prefer. Because they are made of high-quality fluorocarbon material, these strings can be made thinner than most nylon ukulele strings.

      What makes these Worth ukulele strings such a bargain is that they come in double-length sets. Each package contains enough string to make two full sets by cutting each string in half. Be sure to see the informational chart in the product description for each set of Worth Premium Ukulele strings. It not only gives the exact dimensions of the individual strings, but also provides guidance on setting your new strings.

      Shipping is always affordable when you shop at Strings and Beyond. We offer free shipping on all orders that meet or low minimum purchase requirement. You can save even more on your order by taking advantage of our special offers.