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Acoustic Guitar Strings

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      Acoustic guitar strings surprisingly come in many different varieties, and here at Strings and Beyond, we have the respected classics and latest advanced technology from the world's leading string manufacturers. Martin is a company long-respected for their high end acoustic guitars. We offer several of their acoustic string lines such as Lifespan 80/20 Bronze or Phosphor Bronze Treated, 80/20 or Phosphor Bronze untreated, FX Flexible Core, Marquis and Darco. We also have their Clapton's Choice Phos Bronze acoustic guitar strings, endorsed by guitar legend Eric Clapton. From Curt Mangan, we offer phosphor bronze, 80/20 bronze and coated phosphor bronze strings. Other brand names with various types of metal alloy strings and coatings include D'Addario, GHS, Ernie Ball and Elixir.
      As for the different types of alloys used, bronze gives the strings a bright tone. Phosphor is frequently added to the plating for extra durability and a longer string life. When you see 80/20 bronze, that indicates a wrapping around the core string of 80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc. The zinc gives the string extra hardness makes it more corrosion resistant. Specially coated strings will also protect against damaging debris, sweat and skin oils that can dampen the tone. Silk & Steel wound strings use silk filaments along with silver-plated copper wire over a steel core. This produces a soft, mellow tone for a classical guitar sound. Browse our discount acoustic guitar strings for some amazing bargains on high quality products.