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Elixir Guitar Strings

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      A favorite of such musical luminaries as John Paul Jones, Dave Mason, Melissa Etheridge and Chris Thile, Elixir guitar strings are known for their special coatings that extend the life of their strings. These fluoropolymer coatings prevent the buildup of skin oil, sweat and debris that would otherwise cause the strings to corrode and destroy the tone. These high performance guitar strings are available for acoustic, electric and bass guitars, and also for mandolin and banjo. In our listings of Elixir strings, you will see two types of coatings-Polyweb and Nanoweb.

      Nanoweb vs Polyweb Elixir Strings

      In short, Nanoweb is a thinner coating which has a brighter sound and the Polyweb coating is a thicker smoother coating which gives a warmer sound.

      The Nanoweb coating is very thin, making them feel and sound most like strings that have not been coated. You'll still get the benefit of the protective coating, but with such brightness in tone that you'll forget it's there. Polyweb coated strings sound more like strings that have been "broken in," with a more balance tone. They're smooth to the touch and this coating will minimize finger squeaks. Both types of coating will give the strings a longer tonal life than strings that are untreated. Our Elixir strings are available in different gauges.