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G7th Capos

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      The G7th capos for six-string, 12-string and classical guitars combine simple good looks with a design that simply works. The adjustment system lets you apply the proper level of pressure on the strings to avoid buzzing or tuning problems. When reviewing the new G7th capos, Guitarist Magazine said they "will probably revolutionize the way we think about capos - a no hassle solution for guitarists."

      Designed by a guitar player for guitar players, these products have been created to make your guitar sound sweeter while making it easier to handle and adjust. Nick Campling, the designer of the G7th, said this line of capos came from his own dissatisfaction as a guitarist with existing capos. "They all either pulled my guitar out of tune, were fiddly to adjust or they got in the way of my hand," Campling noted. "Some just didn't work, The G7th Performance Capo is a result of combining my product design skills with my needs as a guitarist."

      Depending on which instrument you play, choose from the original G7th Performance Capo, the G7th Newport Six-String Guitar Capo with a lighter weight and a lower profile, the G7th Performance Capo for 12-string guitar and the G7th Classical Performance Capo for classical guitar.
      Ukulele players take note. This company also makes premium ukulele capos designed for these bijou instruments. These ultralight capos will provide the same outstanding performance delivered by their bigger brothers.

      Some musicians wanted a spring-operated version of the G7th, so the newest addition to the line is the G7th Nashville Capo. It is lighter in weight and quicker to operate than other capos but still has the same G7th good looks and sleek design.

      If you're the ultimate showman, check out the very top of the G7th line. You may be just the superstar to rock the G7th Crystal Collectors Edition Performance Capo. This limited-edition capo is adorned with hand-inlaid Swarovski crystals. The Crystal Collectors Edition capo may cost as much as the next 20 capos we sell combined, but it's a safe bet you'll be the only one in the band who has one.

      See our shipping information page for shipping options, including free shipping, on G7th capos and other supplies from Strings and Beyond. If you have questions about these capos or anything else guitar related, call us toll-free or email us. Our experienced, friendly staff will be happy to help.