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Rotosound Strings

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      Based in the U.K., Rotosound has been making guitar strings and bass strings since the 1950s, when James How wanted new strings for his Austrian zithers and decided to make his own. Now under the second-generation leadership of Jason C. How, Rotosound continues to produce a wide selection of strings with input from famous musicians who have sought out the company over the years to get a specific sound. Rotosound strings have been used by performers such as Jimi Hendrix, John Entwistle and Sting, among many others.

      Rotosound is known for its round string construction. Strings and Beyond offers a wide selection of Rotosound guitar and bass strings.

      Our selection of Rotosound guitar strings features a variety of options for acoustic and electric guitars. Materials include stainless steel, nickel and 80/20 bronze as well as phosphor bronze and polymer-coated strings. For acoustic guitars, we carry the Rotosound Handmade Super Bronze Phosphor, Handmade Jumbo King Phosphor and 80-20 Bronze strings.

      If you are looking for Rotosound bass strings, we offer more than a dozen choices. These include Polymer Coated strings and the Steve Harris Signature string. We also carry Rotosound nickel bass strings, Rotosound flatwound bass strings and many more options so bass players will never feel like an afterthought when shopping in the Rotosound aisle at Strings and Beyond.