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Guitar Maintenance and Tools

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      Considering the thrashing you give your guitar, shouldn't you pamper it once in a while? Strings and Beyond has a selection of tools and supplies for cleaning, repairing, lubricating, storing and monitoring your guitar so it will be in top form for the next gig.

      Clean and shine your guitar with the Phil's Guitar Clay Detailer Kit. Keeping a Dean Markley Lov'n Care Double-Thick Polish Cloth or a Planet Waves 3-Step Guitar Polish Express Pack handy makes quick cleanup easy. When it's time to change strings, get the job done with one of our string winders, whether you prefer a hand tool like the Planet Waves DP0002 Guitar Pro Winder with a built-in clipper and bridgepin puller, the Planet Waves Drill Bit Peg Winder, which attaches to any cordless screwdriver to speed up the job, or the Ernie Ball PowerPeg Battery Powered String Winder, a motorized tool made specifically for the task that lets you restring your instrument up to 70 percent faster than old-style cranks.

      Clean your strings with GHS Fast Fret String and Neck Lubricant or lubricate your strings and reduce finger soreness with Tone Finger-Ease Guitar String Lubricant. If you like the sound of your non-coated strings but want the feel of polymer coated strings, apply some DR String Life Liquid Polymer String Coating to clean, lubricate and extend the life of your strings.

      Your guitar likes 50 percent relative humidity, but the cold cruel world doesn't always oblige. Strings and Beyond offers several accessories for monitoring and maintaining humidity levels. The Planet Waves Humidity and Temperature Sensor lets you know exactly what conditions your guitar is experiencing and the Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier allows you to add moisture safely when needed. Buy both together as a kit and save money. Simplest of all is the Planet Waves Humidipak, a system of three Humidipak Packets that add or deplete moisture as needed.

      From hooks for hanging up your guitar at the end of the concert to gadgets that keep your patch cable from being pulled loose in the heat of the performance, if a guitarist needs it, Strings and Beyond carries it and sells it for less.