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Darco Guitar Strings by Martin

      Darco strings by Martin & Co. provide the perfect balance of quality and price, at less than $5 per set.

      Martin makes the Darco 80/20 Bronze strings for acoustic guitars and the Darco Nickel Wound strings for electric guitars. These strings have been developed to provide a brilliant tone out of the box and break in to a warmer sound. The acoustic guitar strings are available in three gauges and the electric guitar strings are available in two gauges. Be sure to check the descriptions of these strings to see the charts showing the precise gauges of the strings in each set.

      Martin & Co. designs and manufactures these Darco strings themselves using high-quality materials and precision care in the production process. For environmental responsibility, packaging materials are kept to a minimum and made of 100 percent recyclable materials. The envelopes used also reduce tarnishing on the strings. If you’re looking for other strings by Martin, visit the Martin page.

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