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Thomastik-Infeld JF344 Jazz Nickel Flat Wound Round Core Electric Bass Strings Long Scale 43-100

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Item Description

Thomastik-Infeld JF344 Jazz Nickel Flat Wound Round Core Bass Guitar Strings from Strings and Beyond will give you a legendary sound. Drawn from the upright bass, these bass guitar strings have an outer winding that is made of a special nickel alloy which gives it unsurpassed tone depth, an enhanced fundamental and a sound that is hard to find in any other string.

The steel core is wrapped in a silk inlay which makes it very flexible with a depth of tone and high output. This makes the instrument the closest you can get to an upright double bass.

The manufacturers of these strings are tuned in to the constantly changing musical world and apply their knowledge into the technique of building these strings, so you can trust that the Thomastik-Infeld strings are made with the highest quality. Technicians wind and check each string by hand in order to make sure that their tone and quality is 100 percent to your satisfaction.

Please note that these are long scale strings at 34 inches. If you do not find what you are looking for here, browse through our full line of Thomastik-Infeld Strings from Strings and Beyond.

JF344 4 Strings 34" 43 56 70 100

Thomastik-Infeld JF344 Jazz Nickel Flat Wound Round Core Electric Bass Strings Long Scale 43-100
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By Carl
Bunbury, West Australia
6 years and still going strong
March 1, 2016
I put a set of these on my 1970 P Bass 6 years ago and they still sound great and feel great. As far as being expensive NOT it's the equivilant so far of $11.00 a year! These strings are fantastic.
  • Pliable, easy on the fingers, low tension, fat consistent sound, old school mojo
By Gary A.
Dallas/FT. Worth Texas area
Thomastik-Infield JF344 flatwound strings
November 4, 2014
These have been my string of Choice on most of my basses (especially Fender Jazz Bass) for the last 4 years. Best feel, excellent tonal palette. They are incredibly long lasting! 3-5 years. Some claim more. They are the most consistent set of strings I have used to date. They exhibit good sustain and when plucked at or on the end of the neck they have a decent URB tone. They are not for everyone due to their lower tension but I have grown to love them. Using them on a through the body Bass helps with the tension somewhat. You do have raise the Low E slightly higher to give room for the extra string vibration.
  • Smooth feel
  • Smooth highs, nice mids and decent lows (not as deep as GHS, Labella flats but good enough). Do well in recording.
  • The initial price is a bit high but they soon pay for themselves 3 times over in Longevity.
By Rick
Baltimore, MD
Superb Bass Strings, But...
October 21, 2014
Everything good you've heard about these bass strings rings true. They sound terrific, are a joy to play, easy on your fingers, last a very long time plus enhance the tone and playability of just about any bass guitar you own. I am a definite fan of TI Flats and urge anyone who hasn't yet but is thinking about trying a set to do so.

However, here's the not-so-good side of this brand of strings. They are expensive! Excessively so in my book and by the looks of things are continuing to rise in price. Does the cost justify the benefit? The only real and unique quality that TI Jazz Flats have over any other brand of bass flatwound strings I've played is, they are truly kind to your fingers. With plenty of give this is the only flat bass string I've used that after extended play don't hurt my fingers.. If it were only tone I was going after, and really wanted that vintage vibe on my Fender or other type of bass, I'd go with Fender Flats which to my ear sound a bit better overall and at about 1/4th the price are unbeatable. As with everything else, there are trade-offs.

I've been playing for over 45 years and in that time have burned through a many a set of strings. TI Jazz Flats are a definite winner for those that are into the vintage side of bass guitar tone and want a string that is long lasting plus go easy on your chops. I recommend them for now but am keeping a watchful eye on their price. Enough Already!
By Brandon
Columbus, Ohio
great strings
July 26, 2013
I ordered these for my fretless bass. These strings sound amazing! The shipping was insanely fast and everything worked out wonderfully! The strings give my fretless a fuller sound and more throat, which is exactly what I was looking for!
  • Great sound
  • Fast shipping
  • Feels wonderful
  • None
By Jay P.
Austin, texas
Well worth the investment
July 11, 2013
I too have had my TI's on my Jazz Bass (Fender) for over a year. They have performed well since and I am planning on playing nothing but TI's for the future. My Peavey American Milly wears DR flats but she's due a set of TI's as soon as they arrive. Like the heading says........Well worth the investment!!
By Liam
bendigo, Victoria
34" scale, but need the super long for a 34" with string through bridge bass.
June 25, 2013
Strings are as described, just wanted to add for others that you may need the super long version of these if buying them for a 34" bass that has a string through the body / bridge design, as I found them just a little too short for my LTD Deluxe j-1004. Still great strings.
  • Long lasting highly recommended.
  • Nothing
By Bockscar S.
Columbus, OH
Unique, Legendary Tone
October 29, 2012
These strings are in use by many studio greats. I've heard it said that flats record better but rounds are better in a live setting, these strings are versatile enough to excel in both settings.

I've used many styles of rounds and flats. I liken the TI Jazz flats to Rotosound RS66 in that Rotosounds have a very unique sound all there own amongst roundwounds. These TI flats sound nothing like any other flatwound string. To my ears, these are geared to sit perfectly in a mix (recording or live) with very pronounced, articulate low mids. They allow my bass to express its true sound regardless of EQ or what else is going on in a mix.
  • Articulate Tone
  • Great Feel
  • Less Tension Than Typical Flat
By Rick P.
The Best Bass Strings Period.
February 9, 2011
I almost ashamed to admit that I've had the same set of TI's on one of my basses for almost 7 years! They still sound lovely and stay in tune which I can't believe after all this time. I'll leave these on as long as they continue to deliver. I also have them on all six of my fender basses and my five string Music Man. I keep one other bass strung with round wounds because sometimes you need that twang don't you?
By Joe S.
Absolutely the best
November 21, 2010
Just learned of these strings this year. Bought a set based on T-I recommendations, and WOW!

This is the sound I've been trying to get out of my RIC 4003-S since I bought it 26 years ago!

Beautiful, deep sustain, smooth to the touch, brilliant light tension, and perfect all-round for everything I do.

Next will be sets for my vintage Höfner, Fender Precision, and Fender 5. Can never imagine using any other string ever again.

Just wish it hadn't taken me 26 years to find them!
By Fernand
Astounding TI flats
March 30, 2010
The ti flats are a legend - in use by all the studio heavies. They manage to have a rich singing timbre in spite of very low tension. these are extremely expressive with a complex tone and they stay that way for years. They work very well on both fretted and fretless. The only area in which you might want something else is for bzonnkkg slapping and popping.

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