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Schaller Security Locks Strap Lock Set of 2 - Nickel

Item# SCH_445-N
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Item Description

Schaller Security Locks Strap Lock Set of 2

In 1981, Schaller developed and got the patent for a totally new category of product, which revolutionized the connection between guitar and strap. With its unique design and functionality, Schaller has been setting the standard in strap locks for decades. We protect your beloved instruments.

In 2018, Schaller paved the way for the next generation of revolutionary strap locks. Schaller proudly presents: The new S-Locks, S for save, S for silent and S for Schaller strap locks! These new revolutionary S-Locks are silent. They feature an elegant Lock-Wheel, one-piece hardened steel strap buttons, aesthetic design, perfect handling and all former hiccups have been tackled!

3 pieces = 1 S-Lock - perfect!

Strap button - New and unique solid one-piece strap button in hardened steel with self-tapping wood thread. Simply screw it on with an Allen key (size 3mm/ 1/8"). 4 mm/ 5/32“ screw with self-tapping wood thread. Fits all existing strap buttons incl. Gibson for perfect replacement without adjustments on existing holes and screws, hardened steel and more than double thickness of the strap button guarantees maximum security against breakage, Including high-grade felt washers for ultimate protection of guitar's finish.

Lock - extended thread length for holding straps of up to 6 mm thickness, new designed slanted locking bolt in stainless steel for permanent precision, reliable performance and wear-free finish, new designed pull-up ball for easy-grip lock and release.

Lock-Wheel - New Lock-Wheel with unique 3-Step security function: Screw our lock wheel with patented self-locking thread tool-free by hand, you already protect your guitar sufficiently (the round shaping must be facing the pull-up ball!). Use a 2 mm or 5/64’’ Allen key or screwdriver to tighten it for maximum security. Use our micro cone-top screw to attach it permanently. You will never lose your wheel again!

Finally put all parts together and just listen carefully… Give it a shake, give it a roll and prepare to be amazed: It is silent!

New silent feature for noiseless performance while moving and playing your instruments.

Schaller - the Original Innovators!

All S-Locks come in a new and attractive re-usable crystal box.

Two more things …

1.) S-Locks are fully compatible with all existing Schaller Security Locks!

2.) Only one strap and one pair of S-Locks, for all your guitars!

Enjoy all the benefits of our new S-Locks using one single strap.

Simply use our new strap buttons replacement kits to new S-Locks for all your instruments!

Schaller Security Locks Strap Lock Set of 2 - Black Chrome
Schaller Security Locks Strap Lock Set of 2 - Nickel
Schaller Security Locks Strap Lock Set of 2 - Chrome
Schaller Security Locks Strap Lock Set of 2 - Gold

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6 Reviews
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By Adam F.
victoria BC
The Industry Standard...But Why?
September 11, 2018
While the fundamental design is good, there are many areas in which these could be improved.

-The included screws are too finely threaded and fairly thin, almost every player I know that uses them is constantly having to re-tighten them or filling the hole with toothpicks and eventually a dowel. I can't tell you how many times I've seen these come loose and rip themselves out of people's guitars. If you want to use fatter and more secure screws, you have to drill out the hole in the metal button with a drill press. A total PITA. I'm glad to see they're now supplying longer screws, but they're still too thin to be totally reliable.

-The pins that attach to the body are very small and cannot be reliably used if you misplace or forget to bring your strap with locks attached to a gig or rehearsal. There's nothing worse than worrying the whole time about your strap falling off of the puny buttons during a gig.

-Because of the way the locks attach to the pins (which in and of itself is very secure), the second you go to shake your guitar for that glorious harmonic feedback, you'll be met with an audible rattling sound that totally ruins the moment.

In short, I'd advise you don't waste your time with these and buy the Dunlop Dual Design locks instead. Of all of the design flaws I've illustrated above, the Dunlops suffer none of them. You'll thank me later.
  • see my review
By Larry
Plainwell, MI
A fav for decades
February 9, 2018
These straplocks are great - a favorite of mine for decades. The only drawback is that the part that holds the strap button is metal on metal, and if you're active - this spot will wear after a few years. It's the only reason I've had to replace these strap locks on a semi-regular basis - they wear out. Not anything wrong with the design - it's just "life"!
By Per
Gislaved, SE
Always working
November 17, 2017
Been using them for a very long time, never fail me...
By Marshall
Mississauga, ON - Ontario
Easy and reliable... except for some straps
March 13, 2017
While the locks are easy to install on the guitar and on most straps, the strap portion doesn't have enough thread to work well for thicker, denser leather straps. The height of the post/pin can also make it impossible to put in a gig bag with the strap attached (not a great practice anyway, but if you're so inclined it can be an issue). Neither issue is a deal breaker, but you definitely have to plan a bit on what strap to use and how you'll be transporting it.
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable
  • Doesn't affix well to thicker straps
  • High posts/pin when attached
By Cameron
Great investment
April 6, 2016
These locks are great. I have had them on my guitar for several months now. Very easy simple installation. I have had absolutely no issues with these, and am very glad that I bought this. If you do not have a strap lock, invest in some!
By Paul
Puyallup, WA
Great strap lock
April 11, 2014
Easy to install , a must have on stage. Well worth it.

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