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John Pearse Fast Turtles Tortoise Guitar Pick

Buy Discount John Pearse Fast Turtles Tortoise Guitar Pick On Sale Online and Save
John Pearse Fast Turtles Tortoise Guitar Pick
John Pearse Fast Turtles Tortoise Guitar Pick
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John Pearse Fast Turtle picks are made from Casein giving the pick the feel & sound of tortoise. Dark & golden warmth with fast response! Features 3 different playing sides! Available in:
Thin - Flat 1.2mm
Medium - w/ Dimple 2.5mm
X-Heavy - w/ Dimple 4mm


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October 11, 2018
Excellent picks
I have two of these, one 1.2mm and one 4mm. Both are amazing picks, and even though $9.49 may seem steep for a pick they are actually a great value. Worth the price and then some in my opinion.

Very nice to hold, loud and clear sound, but never excessively bright.
ProsSound Feel Price (yes, price!)
January 23, 2018
Solid tool for low pick noise!
This guy has a real fluid performance. For me it is More focused on picking and strumming with finesse and awesome clarity than banging out riffs.
Huge amount of options with the 3 sides.
By Frank
Duluth, GA
December 19, 2017
What a Difference a Pick Makes
Bought one of these on a whim, just to get my order over the threshold for free shipping. Never thought I'd spend $10 on a pick - even more surprised to find that it was worth it. I play mostly jazz chord-melody stuff on archtops strung with 12's and have tried a lot of "jazz" picks and didn't care much for them. These picks are so smooth they seem to glide across the strings with virtually no pick noise. They also have the ability to go from a whisper to a shout depending on how you hold the pick and how hard you pluck the strings. They even seem to allow me to play single note lines faster and more cleanly than with other picks. Never thought something as simple as a pick could make such a difference in sound and playability. The odd shape takes a little getting used to (I didn't look carefully at the picture and thought the photo was just taken at an angle), but before long it starts to feel just right.
ProsSuper smooth; virtually no pick noise; great dynamic range
ConsOdd shape takes a little getting used to.
By Daver
September 23, 2016
As Good as the Other Guys
Don't bother waiting and waiting and spending $25+ on the other guy's stuff. The fast turtle thin is the same as their mediums. I can't hear or feel any difference between the two. I don't like the ones with the dimple though. It assumes you hold the pick in a very specific manner and forces you to do so. For me, the thin is thick enough for bluegrass flat picking.
ProsGreat tone. No pick noise. Great grip.
By Craig
Fredericton, NB
August 22, 2016
Worth adding to your pick collection
I bought one as an impulse buy and was impressed by the feel and tone. I got the thin 1.2mm version and was worried it would be cumbersome since I'm used to thinner picks but I adjusted in no time.
By Julian
St Kilda, Melbourne Australia
August 5, 2016
Great Picks - you won't be disappointed...
I have been using "Red Bear" picks for a number of years - over the last couple of years these have been hard to get a hold of and I have ended up using a couple of cheaper brands.

I purchased one medium John Pearse fast Turtle pick to try out with a recent string order. Absolutely brilliant!

I have just come back and ordered a stack more. Sweet highs and a clarity that you can hear immediately compared to a "normal" pick. It is not a subtle difference.

My acoustics sound is rounder, fuller and clear. My electrics have a bell-like smoothness to them now.

The shape is great and they are very comfortable to play with.

If you are on the fence give one a try. I'm sure you will be as blown away as I am.
By Fred
February 2, 2016
Life is short - go for the best sound you can, and you'll get there with this one. I use the 1.2 mm and it gives a warm note sound with almost zero pick noise. Amazing difference. I also tried the 2.5 mm but it didn't sound as nice and exchanged it for another 1.2mm. I play a Gibson J-15 and if you want the best sound out of your guitar, use this pick. Why pay for a nice guitar and get cheap with picks?
Proswarm, rich tones with zero pick noise - as good as picks costing 3x as much.
By Greg
The Southeast
May 8, 2015
My New Favorite Pick
I recently bought a high-end acoustic guitar, and went through a period of trying out new string brands and picks to find what works best with it. I'm the kind of guy who buys a handful of picks when I find something that works, and to date I have four handfuls of four different picks going back twenty-three years since I found my first favorite for my archtop. Well, this week I bought this pick (the "thin" one), and it bests my other two favorites for all of my guitars by far! It will go from the acoustic to the archtop to my semi-hollow, and give me just what I want from each one of my guitars. Deep, rich tones when I vary the angle and the side which I use to pick with. I'm going to start collecting these now, because I don't want to be without one from now on.
ProsWell-made Smooth finish Smooth sounds Feels good between the fingers Economical compared to another well-known pick that costs a lot of money, which I promptly sent back on the same day that it arrived
ConsI haven't found any yet, and don't expect to--it is what it is, and I like it.
By Bobbie
Jackson, MO
March 20, 2015
Best pick EVER!
I've trying out a lot of name brand picks for bluegrass and for jazz. This is the best pick I have ever used! E
ProsThis picks just glides over the strings, adding a very rich tonal quality to my playing & NO pick noise. I'll never go back to my other favorite picks.
ConsIt's a little pricey, but it's well worth the money! I just wouldn't want to lose one.
By Jorge
Yuma, AZ
June 28, 2014
great pick
these are pricey for sure, but what you get is a strong attack, quick release, and comfortable shape in about the closest thing to tortoise I've seen. For bluegrass or blues, they'll do the trick. Cool lead sound on electric, too!
By Josh
Otumoetai, Tauranga
April 23, 2014
John Pearse Flatpick
The John Pearse fast turtle pick is a beautiful pick to use... it has a big warm fat sound.. great for bluegrass or jazz.
ProsSound Quality Looks Price
By Sam Crawford
Houston, TX
December 2, 2012
Fast Turtles are great
I reluctantly paid the 10 bucks, but since I've had the pick for a few days and have had time to get used ot it, it's the best in my possession. It came in a nice little purple velvet bag. Tone is great; both warm and clear. The thumb depression provides for better stability and grip. I bought the middle-sized thickness pick and it is ideal for acoustic flatpicking. Not sure if the thickest is necessary but that would be your call. If I lose it, I will definitely buy another!
ProsTone, warmth, and stability.
By Chris Gleeson
November 22, 2011
John Pearse Fast Turtles Tortoise Pick
Bought this on a whim. Was so impressed I bought two more. These picks have wonderful tone, and make you sound and play better. I never would have believed it. Will never ever go back to plastic picks. I'm guessing this type of pick is what Page/Iommi played, because the attack and release sound similar.
By Taylor
August 9, 2011
Great for Flatpicking
These picks are definetly worth the money. Great for flatpicking. Not quite tortoise shell but a great option.
By James
July 7, 2010
John Pearse Fast Turtles Tortoise Guitar Picks
Very comfortable pick, fast and even attack. Nothing comes close to the control and warmth of this pick - think $10.00 is too expensive for a pick? Think again.
By joe from crofton
March 10, 2010
thin pick
great tone. makes a real difference. MUCH warmer than plastic picks. feels organic.
By Bernie
February 5, 2010
JP Tortoise pick
Use this on my Mandolin and it is great Easy to hold on to great sound Smooth quick everything you need in this pick

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