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John Pearse Silk and Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 610LM Light/Medium 12-53

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.012, .016, .024, .032, .042, .053 The exciting new SILKS sets mark a departure from orthodox acoustic string design. Formulated for the electric guitarist who doubles on acoustic, this set features a never before possible "playing ease" tension married with the warmth and projection for which our acoustic strings are famous. Our triple annealed mild steel is pulled through a draw plate to make an extra skinny core. Onto this is wound a silk multifilament which cushions a phospor bronze winding. This is NOT a silk and steel set. The natural edginess of the phosphor bronze winding is tempered by the silk cushion to produce a tone that studio players everywhere are likening to our 80/20 bronze sets after they have been played in. Steve Sheehan, lead guitarist with the Judds, asked us to make this set. Guitarists all over America are thanking him!

John Pearse Silk and Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 510L Light 11-49
John Pearse Silk and Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 610LM Light/Medium 12-53


14 Reviews
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93% Recommend this product (13 of 14 responses)
By Aaron
John Pearse signature quality and feel - lovely softer feel and broken-in tone.
February 16, 2022
I love the sound of John Pearse strings. The silk and bronze are especially nice. They sound nice and broken in, no zing to start with. The smaller core and silk wrap helps mellow the tone and the feel as well. This type of string responds best if you lighten up your picking hand a touch, I think. They are lower tension which seems to buzz a little more if you hit hard, but you could always raise your action a little. Really though, perfect for easing the workload on the hands and getting a great tone, especially with finger-style or lighter playing that benefits from nuance.
  • Great tone with no zing from the get-go.
  • Great feel, not quite as stiff as normal strings of this gauge.
By Lee
Phoenix Arizona
Plays EZ
December 9, 2021
Feels like youíre playing a short string guitar. They are different from Martinís silk steel, which feels stiff to make compared to the John Pearse.
Iím also using the JP -EZ Bends, Iím hooked
By E
Los Angeles, CA
Blown away
November 16, 2021
Seconding what others have said here, these strings are great. I dread putting new strings on acoustics and wait until itís too late, because I hate the brightness and metallic overtones of new strings. I tried these today and itís the first time in my life I havenít been disappointed at the sound of fresh strings. To me, they look and feel like phosphor bronze strings just with less tension, and sound similar to phosphor bronze strings after playing them for a couple months - which is very ideal for me. And to second another reviewer, they donít feel flabby like Martin Silk and Steels, and are also much louder/fuller. Should also mention that I pretty much only fingerpick on this guitar, but I donít think theyíd be bad for some strumming either. Next time I will probably buy the lighter gauge, but these are fantastic strings that I will be recommending to everyone.
  • Fantastic tone
  • Less tension
  • Looks and feels like phosphor bronze
  • Next time will buy light gauge instead of light medium
By Pan K.
Boston, MA
Pretty much perfect.
December 6, 2020
If you enjoy the feel of silk and steel strings, but prefer the tone of traditional phosphor bronze strings, look no further. Buy these now.

By Al
New Yorkish
Like Butter
January 17, 2020
Nothing not to like here. Punchy and defined but mellow at the same time. Considerably less tension than a non-silked string but not flabby like the Martin silk and steels can be.
By Chris
My Favorite Silk & Steel Strings!
January 10, 2020
I've been doing a comparison of silk & steel strings from various brands. I would say that the these strings are the best out of the 4 types I have played (Martin MA130S, LaBella 710L, Earthwood light and these). To me they sound better than regular phosphorus bronze (a little less snappy but a little sweeter) and they are also easier to play because the tension is lighter. I'll be sticking with these.

  • - To me they are the perfect acoustic guitar string
  • - Easier to play than non S&S strings
  • - Have great volume and tone
  • - Not the extreme ease of play that the Martin MA130S strings have
By Hunter
Dayont, OH
June 4, 2019
These have become my favorite strings. You get the low tension of a silk and steel set with the brighter sound of the phosphor bronze outer wire for easy playing and great sound. These are essentially a custom light set which, in my opinion, is the best balance between being light enough to be easily playable but heavy enough to still vibrate the top of the guitar's body for a full sound. I used to use a similar Martin set that is now out of production, so I hope JP keep making these. My only criticism is that they seemed to corrode slightly on the fast side.
  • Low tension
  • Balanced sound
  • Perfect gauge (personally)
  • They corrode slightly fast
By Bryce
Las Vegas, NV
Amazing strings
December 15, 2015
Theses are the only strings I use. Very easy on the fingers.
By Ed
harrisville, WV
One of the best strings available
February 12, 2015
I have been playing guitar for 50+ years at almost all levels. For my Mahogany solid bodied acoustic guitars these are by far some of the best strings for a warm and balanced tone. They are especially nice for ease of fingering and bending.
In my opinion, you can't go wrong on these. Some say they go dull to soon but I would say almost all uncoated strings do.
By Leo
Miami, FL
Balanced, responsive
September 15, 2014
I work play for days on end without stop for work and these strings are great, I play them until they break or I feel they've worn down. Best part is that they don't take that long to warm up to my guitar, and really sound great the day I put them on.
  • Great sound, playable, don't take forever to settle.
  • They break after a little bit of time but it may be just because I play so hard and consistently
By Dennis
North of Detroit, MI
Best strings ever
March 3, 2014
These strings sound warm, deep, and punchy. They have a nice soft feel when playing and tend to have a bit less "metallic" tone.

Similar to older, "broken in" phosphor bronze strings in sound, but you get this sound immediately (or within minutes).
  • Playability
  • Sound - loud
  • Tone - deep, warm, punchy.
By Greg
Columbia, SC
Just not my thing. . .
December 17, 2012
I tried a set of these just to see and play them for myself. I'm a fingerstyle player who uses a pick for single lines when the music calls for it, and the JP 600 set is my favorite, as it's so versatile for what I do. These seem more appropriate for those who strum a lot, or want a quiet and intimate fingerstyle touch on a parlor or other small-bodied guitar like a 0 or 00-style.
  • Below--I'd recommend them to a friend who is more of a strummer.
  • Soft, quiet feel and sound that is not what I need for my style of playing. Basses are much quieter than the trebles.
By Wayne
Loving these
November 11, 2012
Have had them on a week and loving the mellow sound and feel.
Better than any other silk and steels I have tried.
  • Mellow sound and easy on the fingers.
By Acoustic A.
John Pearse 610LM Sil Phosphor Bronze Lt/Med
September 19, 2010
I tried these after reading about their introduction in Acoustic Guitar magazine. They have this really slinky, broken in feel right from the start and they stay that way without any noticeable deterioration for a much longer time than any string I have ever used. I normally change my strings every three weeks but these go much longer...more like eight weeks. I just got a Recording King Troubador small body guitar and the mid-range honk this guitar has is just enhanced by these strings. I really like the guage being between light and medium too. Just a little more volume without too much strain on my axe. Give'm a try and see how they sound.

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