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John Pearse Phos Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Buy Discount John Pearse Phos Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
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Item Description

Extra Light 500XL - 10 14 23 30 39 47
Slightly Light 550SL - 11 15 22 30 40 50
Slightly Light Custom 570 - 11 15 22 30 42 52
Light 600L - 12 16 24 32 42 53
Light Medium Custom 640 - 12 15 23 32 42 55
Bluegrass 650 - 12 16 24 35 45 56
Medium 700M - 13 17 26 35 45 56
New Medium 710NM - 13 17 24 32 42 55
Medium Light 720ML - 13 18 22 32 42 52


23 Reviews
91% (21)
9% (2)
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96% Recommend this product (22 of 23 responses)
By Mark
Brisbane, Australia
October 3, 2017
Best Strings on my OM-35 and 000-28VS
I have tried many different strings on my long scale 25.4" OM and 000 Martins and for me the John Pearse 600L's are the absolute stand outs in unleashing the tonal potential of these guitars.
ProsAbsolutely the best strings for my Martin OM and 000.
ConsString life is typically not as long as coated strings. They generally keep sounding good for around 2 months with pretty regualr playing, so not bad..
Orje, Norway
August 17, 2017
Great strings
Finally got a set of 600L strung up, and what a nice set of strings. Soft and mellow to the touch, even and balanced sound. I will try the New Mediums next as those are closer to what I am used to tension wise. Great service from SNB as always!
ProsSounds great, feels great.
By David Elizabeth
Pine Forge, Pa
February 28, 2017
After years of expensive trial and error and meticulous research, these are my choice above all others.
I have methodically have been searching for the perfect string set for me and this is it. I play a Taylor 912c (1993) and a Breedlove C2 (1996) and these are the perfect balance. I can actually tell a .013 from a .012 at this point, I'm being very particular. Nice balanced low end for droning and intricate bass lines alike, and flexible strong voiced higher and mid strings. Awesome expression. Waiting for a sale so I can load up. Anyone want to buy a bucket of reject string sets only used for evaluation?? :) These are great.
ProsBeautiful sound, balance, radiance, expressiveness, sweetness.
ConsNot air sealed, but who knows how important that really is anyway...
By Lou Esposito
New Jersey
February 10, 2017
Finally, The best...
I'm not young, and I've tried and used every quality string on the market. I read about Jim Pearse strings and decided to try the 600L asset. They are without a doubt the best acoustic strings I've used. They're very well balanced, the tone is rich with beautiful overtones. They stay in tune quickly, no constant stretching. The best I've found. Goodbye Nano's...
ProsRich sound, great overtones, great projection.
ConsHaven't found any...
By Gil
Manly, NSW
January 11, 2017
Custom lights perfect on 1944 J-45
The banner Gibson is a big sound and with mediums is thunderous. This however doesn't suit my playing style, which is geared towards chords and soft ballads so, at risk of offending purists, I prefer lighter strings. The beauty of these 12-55s is that you still can a great bass sound, but the string set in very easy playing. Curious that tge G is lighter than normal, I guess for bending. At the moment these are my favourites.
ProsEasy playing Warm balanced sound
By Jeff
Fernley, NV
January 11, 2017
Great on my Martins
Great sounding strings go well with my Martins J15, D18, HD28 and D35
ProsSweet Strings
By Robert
Sydney Australia
November 11, 2016
The Best
As an current owner of about a dozen acoustic guitars, I have tried virtually every brand of coated string there is. I had tried D'Addario uncoateds but found they get very thuddy in the bottom end. The JP phospur bronze are superb strings. They bring out the warmth and woodiness on all my guitars. They project better than any other string I have used. After a couple of hours of playing they tone down to an extremely well balanced sound. A lot of my guitars were lacking an old fashioned grittiness to their sound but the JP strings brought to life the missing elements. I realise now i've sold some excellent guitars due to the fact that I hadn't tried these strings on them.
ProsLow price. Great tone. Decent lifespan. Good feel, especially for bending. Organic to the touch and sound. As authentic a sound as you will find.
ConsBit rough to the touch, especially if you're used to elixirs. Not as fast to play. Shorter lifespan than coateds ( of course )
By Charles
Hartland, NB
August 23, 2016
Great strings
These were on my new high end guitar but after they wore out I installed Martin 7100's which killed the sound. The Pearse allow the guitar to sing out and resonate fully which make them ideal for finger picking. Less tension than the Martins which makes them easier on the fingers. Don't be fooled by the low price because these excel above other strings costing much more.
ProsSound great with perfect balance and tone. Last just as long as coated strings and allow a guitar to fully resonate.
By Dan
Porter Corners, NY
April 14, 2016
Great Strings
I used Elixir Polywebs for years, and recently switched over to uncoated strings. I tried a few different brands (D'addario, Martin, DR) before landing on these, and prefer these over the others. They have a balanced sound, and are lasting well enough so far (still on the first set). I play shorter scale guitars, and the Medium gauge is a nice fit - big sound, but not too tough to fret and bend. My only suggestion would be to change to a more sealed packaging to extend the shelf-life of the strings while still in the package. Otherwise, these are my new go-to strings. Great service from Strings and Beyond as well. Thanks!
ProsBalanced, durable, good sound, low cost
ConsPackaging not sealed
By Roger
San Dimas, Ca
November 30, 2015
Bright & Loud
Stayed in tune after half hour playing. The 1st & 2nd string louder than other string brands. Sounded great unplugged. Second day played my Martin cutaway electric through Bose compact sounded excellent almost like I was using reverb, sustain was good. Easy to play fast with pick and fingerpicking the volume was good. Bought slightly light customs.
By Nicola
Policoro, Matera
May 29, 2015
Good balance
I think that these are good strings because of their good balanced sound but at the same time their warm sound (especially on the low and mid). I had a good feeling with them, I would recommend them to my friends.
By David
Redington Beach, FL
April 13, 2015
Great, Bright Sounding strings
They have a unique tone. It's hard to define but it's bright, yet to my ears has a soft attack. They're worth trying at this price. Worked well on my alvarez flattop.
ProsBright. Lots of harmonics. Last a decent amount of time (+2-3 weeks depending on the individual).
ConsA little bit weaker than other sets on the wound strings. But usually fine if you aren't too hard of a strummer/picker.
By Geir
March 31, 2015
Great strings
I ordered a set to test on my main guitar, and after having used the strings the last months I recently put on a new set of D'addarios which I normally use. Now I'm back ordering more as I already miss the rich sound...
ProsWell balanced and rich, harmonious sound with lots of overtones.
ConsA bit soft bass for strumming.
By Ron
Las Vegas
February 26, 2015
Pearse on an archtop?
I had my doubts about this but thought I would try them. I haven't had any good experiences these last few months. Whenever I'm ready for a new set of strings I want to try something else. If you haven't guessed by now these strings are a delight! I'm using the "new medium" from now on. No more trials for me!
ProsPerfect tone, great action.
ConsFat chance!
By Jorge
Yuma, AZ
June 28, 2014
might be what you're looking for!
These are well made, sound nice and full, and aren't terribly pricey. They break in relatively quickly, and last a long time for a non-coated string. They do seem to be a touch stiffer than say D'Addarios, but the volume and tone are worth it.
By carlo
June 20, 2014
the sound is magnificent, as well as brilliant. with these chords guitar is reborn. is a pleasure to play them.
ProsBright, loud and feel
By Mark
Madison, WI
January 3, 2014
Great String Set for any guitar
I like to buy a variety of strings - especially when working with a new guitar. I always buy John Pearse to see how they line up with a new instrument. JP never makes a bad product. Their PB strings are tone full, have a good life span, do a good job of enhancing my spruce/mahogany guitars.
ProsGood price Good tone Quality
By Leo
Miami, Florida
October 22, 2013
Bright, round, fantastic
I put these on my Taylor 410ce with John Pearse Kingpins (brass bridge pins) and man do these sound amazing. As I tuned them up they were noticibly tighter than a set of EXPs but they made up for it with just pure tone and volume. I got mediums, which may be why they are tight. They sound like my guitar should sound and these will be the only strings on her.
ProsBright, loud, great tone
ConsA little tight
By Curtis
Juneau, Alaska
August 28, 2013
Lives up to the reputation
I would say they live up to all the hype around them. I got a couple sets of 12's for my Seagull S.W.S. and they certainly have a good voice to them. Really balanced. No particular notes really stand out above the others so chords and harmonic phrases blend well. I like that after a few days and the "jingle" starts to fade that the overall tone and frequency response doesn't change much. Some of the more mass-produced strings become a bit muddier after a couple weeks. Not these ones. Some folks like to brag about not having to change strings for 3 or 4 months. I think you could keep these on that long and they would still sound pretty good..... though I'm still a big advocate for changing any strings more frequently.
ProsGood, balanced voice. Longevity of tonal qualities.
By Reggie
Bonner Springs, KS
February 16, 2013
Great balance
I have been using them on my Taylor DN4e for about 4 months now, changing about every 3-4 weeks. The bass is firm and the sustain and clarity are super, the G chord just rings out! I recommend them highly
ProsOverall sound and the bass response
ConsIf anything they could last just a hair longer, I don't like coated strings, tho'

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