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Herdim Standard Nylon Guitar Pick - U2's The Edge Favorite Pick

Item# HDM_11X
Buy Discount Herdim Standard Nylon Guitar Pick - U2's The Edge Favorite Pick On Sale Online and Save
Herdim Standard Nylon Guitar Pick - U2's The Edge Favorite Pick
Herdim Standard Nylon Guitar Pick - U2's The Edge Favorite Pick
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Item Description

This is the original design pick that U2s Edge plays

How much praise can musicians lavish on something as small and simple as a guitar pick? Just ask them about the Herdim Nylon Guitar Pick and you'll find out.

Made in Germany since 1960, the Herdim Standard Nylon guitar pick has a raised dimple pattern for a sure grip. To sound like the Edge of U2, turn the Herdim pick upside down and play the strings with the wide end of the pick, letting the dimples contact the strings. Musicians love not only sounding like they're playing a solo for one of the most famous rock bands ever, but also appreciate the versatility the Herdim pick provides. These picks also have a reputation for lasting a long time and taking a lot of use.

The Herdim pick comes in three sizes: Thin yellow is .63 millimeters, medium red is .87 millimeters, and heavy blue is 1.1 millimeters. Strings and Beyond sells this little slice of musical goodness for under a dollar apiece when you buy in quantity.


12 Reviews
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By Ralph
The forest in Eastern Canada.
January 17, 2018
Nice pick
This is a nice, fairly bright pick. Ive used both the red and blue ones and cant really tell the difference. Theyre both fine. I dont sound like Edge and I dont want to. But I like the picks.
By Kevin
Bethany, OK
December 5, 2017
This is the place for the Edge's pick
Lot's of players look for the Herdim pick to use it backwards to get the tone of U2's The Edge. This is where they are and the service is great!
ProsFast shipping, great selection
By Francis
Québec, Canada
December 28, 2016
chime and more chime
To get that extra edgy sound when attacking the strings. Yes it has been used by The Edge who apparently wanted to replicate the sound produced by Brian May six pence.
Regardless of the myth, it if does sound good then play it
ProsMay be a bit pricey but good quality is not cheap.
By Shaun
November 1, 2016
Prone to having slightly chips
Brilliant pick! I love how the grippy surface lets me strum with ease even when my fingers get a little sweaty, especially in air conditioned settings. A recurrent problem with this is that they tend to arrived with chips at the top of the pick, though the S&B staff have always been really wonderful in sending replacements. Probably some issues when detaching the picks from the moulds?
By Brian
Washington, DC
May 27, 2016
Great pick to try if you're after something different.
These picks are a bit bigger and rounder than the typical "351" shape, and even the heavy gauged ones are quite flexible. The dimpled side is famously used by The Edge to draw out some extra chime, and I get the same results with my Strat and Tele. The dimpling is a lot less prominent than the texture on a Herco, which gives it a bit of a smoother, balanced sound while still putting a good bit of chime front and center.
ProsUnique shape and feel. Great if the standard pick shape is a bit too small.
ConsNot cheap relative to most other picks, but not crazy expensive...
By Paulius
Alameda, CA
April 29, 2015
These are for the Edge sound
Very good pick, if u use the side of the pick, you can get the different sound ala the Edge from U2.
By Joe
Granville, New South Wales
August 14, 2014
Nail that U2 sound...
If you're after that signature pick attack that Edge from U2 has then this is the only way to get it. Not bad picks when used for regular acoustic playing as well, even though they are over 1mm thick they're quite flexible, more so than Fender Medium celluloid picks which are what I usually use for acoustic playing. But I bought these only to get close to Edge's pick attack & tones and they nail it.
ProsThe only pick to use if you want to get closer to Edge's sound, and I love them for that kind of effect & other pick comes close.
ConsA tad too flexible for my personal taste for other uses, but this is just my opinion, you may very well love them as others have.
By Paul
Puyallup, WA
April 11, 2014
worth the price
Never thought a pick would make an difference, but the tone holding it the "edge" way is unmistakable.
By Andrew
Grasonville, MD
January 22, 2014
The Edge sound
The Edge from U2 used to use these, before he got his own custom picks made. These are absolutely essential to his sound, but I've recommended them to worship players who are trying to get a similar chimey attack. They last a long time too, when you use them the way the Edge uses them: nubby side hitting the strings.

I get the blue ones, as they are the same ones the Edge uses.
By Javier Martinez
January 30, 2012
Herdim Guitar picks
This pick is very very good! Any guitarist that wants that U2 Edge sound should buy this! It has a very warm tone when you play it on the dimples side(Sideways). Herdim picks are better than all the other brand picks. Buy this!
By Joe Price
August 9, 2011
Herdim Picks
The best sounding pick i have ever used. Not only for those who love The Edge, but the sound is so versatile that it became the ONLY pick i ever use now. From acoustic to head busting solos it is by far the best pick on the planet.
By Joel Drumm
April 3, 2010
Great Item
These are great Picks! They really work -
Fingers don't slip and they take a lot of wear and tear before you have to get rid of em unlike other picks do. They also have a great attack to them - great for rythem and lead

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