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Dunlop Tortex Standard Guitar Picks

Item# DUN_418
Buy Discount Dunlop Tortex Standard Guitar Picks On Sale Online and Save
Dunlop Tortex Standard Guitar Picks
Dunlop Tortex Standard Guitar Picks
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Item Description

Known worldwide! The toughest, most playable pick on the market!


18 Reviews
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89% Recommend this product (16 of 18 responses)
By Teo
Zagreb, Croatia
September 13, 2018
Classic picks!
If you don't know which pick to choose or you are just entering the world of guitar try these picks in different gauges and you'll find the one for you, guaranteed. They feel nice and grippy. If you don't have special demands with picks these are the ones to go to. Also, they last longer than "regular" plastic picks.
By Kritsada
Pathumwan, Bangkok
July 18, 2018
You can’t go wrong with this one.
I always try a new pick to find something better.
But after more than 100 I have bough,
this 0.60 standard orange Tortex pick is always my bread and butter.
I always come back to this one eventually.

John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer, Kurt Cobain,
they all use.
What could be wrong?
ProsSound great Controllability of dynamic Good for strumming and solo Durable, never break
By Larry
Plainwell, MI
February 9, 2018
Picks are personal - though these approach a "standard"!
Dunlop Tortex standard (I like the .60 gauge) - these picks really approach a standard all-around use pick (at least for me). They are not too 'floppy", not too stiff - you can choke up on them for slightly harder picking, or use the rounded edge to get a thicker/less attack sound - think Pat Metheny style. These are really great picks, I've been using them for over 20years - yikes!

Best of all, these picks will 'wear out' but will never break. Back when I used Fender mediums, they would wear a bit, then the tip would break off, leaving those sharp points. I recommend these - you may have to experiment with gauges, but the Tortex is a wonderful pick!!

By Pavel
Kostroma, Kostromskaya oblast
November 10, 2017
more, than just good picks
Ordered blues (1mm), using just one of them for a year, good sounding and feeling. And other 5 picks I've just gifted to kids and friends.
By Shaun
July 18, 2017
Not very grippy but brilliant colours
The first thing that will catch your attention would be the brilliant colours. However I find that in air conditioned rooms, these picks do not provide enough grip.
By Jason
Waukesha, WI
May 8, 2017
my standby pick
this is my main pick. i use it in the .60, .73 & .88 guages. the texture of the surface makes it easy to hold on to, and it's as durable as the day is long. the .60's are perfect for more rhythmic playing when you need a little extra flex and the .88's are great for heavier rhtyhm/lead playing. the .73 is a good in-between for rhthym & lead.
Proseasy to find, durable, slightly brighter tone
Consa little raspy at first, especially on the wound strings
By Dakota
Southport, NC
August 21, 2016
Yep they last for a while and work
By Jacob
Willunga, South Australia
July 14, 2016
My pick of choice
After going through most popular picks and breaking quite a few the Yellow .73 picks seem to have sold me, just the right amount of attack and flex for both acoustic and electric playing!
By Jared
Maryland Heights, Mo
April 7, 2016
Haven't broke one yet.
I have been playing these picks for many years now I have yet to break one. They last forever, unless you lose them, then not so much.
ProsLast a long time, feel great in the hand, sound and play fine.
ConsIf you like change, these may not be for you...they never seem to break. My mom did round the nose off of one pretty good on acoustic guitar, but thing still seems to work without a tip!
By Jr Branscomb
Cumberland Gap, Tennessee
April 5, 2016
pick grip
They don't give that "click" sound like a plastic, nylon or other pick. I have compared them to tortoise, weg*n, and even Bl*e Ch*p, and they sound so close the same, it was a surprise. With Tortex and the 3 others I listed, you don't hear the sound of the pick, only the sound of the strings. Tortex is cheaper than the others listed so what's the best buy? Also for those who say sweaty finger make it hard to hold on to the pick, I've got a proven solution. Lay a dime in the center of your pick and take a pencil and draw around the dime. Take a 1/8" drill bit and drill one hole in the center of the dime pattern, then 1between that hole and the line you drew around the dime, then continue to drill approx. every 1/8". this doesn't weaken the pick and you've got grippers. Use a drillbit for the holes and it looks neater and your pick won't break where the holes are. Some people I know of have used "Gorilla Snot" and it works. You only need to touch your finger in the "snot" though, or you will be able to de-lint your black britches.
ProsThis pick gives you more of the pure sound of the strings and a lot less of the click you hear in cheaper picks. I've tried most everything on the market and these are among the best, only a lot cheaper.
ConsThey get slick in sweaty hands if you don't drill some gripper holes.
By Pedro
Valparaiso, Valparaiso
November 16, 2015
Comfortable material.
The texture is very comfortable, produces a good sound. The thinner sizes are excellent for strumming. They don't have too much grip though.
ProsComfortable texture Tough material.
ConsTend to slip off sweaty fingers.
By Brian
Coquitlam, BC
January 24, 2015
Green Tortex!
We all know what picks we prefer & the Green Tortex has been my go to for almost 3 decades. If you do the math it's much cheaper to buy them VIA Strings & Beyond (Especially in bulk bags of 72!)

My local music shop sells 12 of them for almost $6.00 & I go through a few each day so I'm glad I found this website!
ProsGreat Price, Tortex doesn't break like a celluloid pick
By Bogie
Aiken, SC
December 20, 2014
Greatest pick ever...
I've been using these picks for many years. They offer great feel and response on the strings, and they last FOREVER! I play well over 100 gigs per year, and I could easily get by with about 3 of these per year. The main reason I have to buy picks is because I lose them. :)
ProsGreat feel and response on the strings Last FOREVER don't EVER stop making them.
By Curtis
Calgary, AB
September 18, 2014
Nearly indestructable with great feel
I've gone through dozens and dozens of different types of picks, in my band days I would literally shred through three or four of the Fender hard plastic picks. I've yet to have a Tortex break on me, and I tend to lose them before I wear them out. Great feel and a wide variety of thickness, I use 0.73 and 0.88 for electric guitar, 0.5 and 0.6 for acoustic, and 1.5 for bass.
ProsGreat feel, don't break, good selection of thicknessess
By Adam
Nanaimo, BC
August 25, 2014
Great all-around pick
I'm pretty sure these along with the grey nylons are the most widely used picks on planet earth. And for good reason.

Pretty wide variety of gauges to suit different styles, the material is amongst the best of whats out there as far as durability and the ability to re-smooth the edge once its been marred from playing.

By Gab
Saint-Hippolyte, QC
May 4, 2014
Bon, mais sans plus
J'ai utilisces miators dans mes dut, 2-3 premies anns je dirais, commenis avec le 0.70 ou 0.88, j'ai changer de couleur au fil du temps pour avoir des modes plus ais jusqu'me rendre au stade ou je voulais plus ais que 1.14. Raison principal pourquoi j'ai changde mode.
ProsBon rapport qualité/prix LE modèle standard par excellence, un classique.
ConsPas disponible en épaisseur supérieur à 1.14
By nikko
February 21, 2011
tortex piks
so cool git it now
By rob
February 21, 2011
tortex piks
it is rily good

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