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Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings

Buy Discount Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings
Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings
Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings
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Item Description

Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Core for Heavy Tones

Heavy Core Strings are uniquely designed for the player that enjoys higher tension at standard tuning or normal tension at dropped tunings. Dunlop's proprietary core-to-wrap ratios are meticulously calculated so the player can "dig in" while retaining sound fundamentals.

Heavy Core Strings, like all Dunlop Strings, are manufactured with the highest quality materials and engineered for great tone, balance, and feel.


DHCN1048 Heavy 10-13-17-28-38-48

DHCN1150 Heavier 11-14-18-28-38-50

DHCN1060-6 Heavierest 10-13-17-36-52-60

DHCN1254 Heaviest 12-16-20-32-42-54



10 Reviews
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By Jason
Toronto, ON
October 16, 2018
6+ years of me using them
I have yet to break a string with these from playing or tuning and that says a lot as I can keep strings on a guitar quite long. Even when I bought a new guitar with a floyd rose trying to find the right tuning. These strings may have been why I started using this website. A powerful mid range, I pick quite hard and even a 10-48 set will deliver. I really like the tone. More than ernie ball or d'addario nickle plated steel. Plus the box has a great graphic on it.
Prosvery long lasting, great tone, always fresh sounding strings.
By Jeffrey
Winston-Salem, NC
November 19, 2017
I used the 11-50 set
A 50 gauge for the low C (Drop C tuning) would normally be too light for me, but these heavy cores made it feel like a regular 52, which is good for me. I wouldn't go lower than C# standard, Drop C with the 11-50s. The heavy core just makes it a feel a tad tighter. It isn't going to be a night and day difference. I have used the 12-54 set before as well, and the 54 gauge is just barely tight enough for Drop B for instance (for my taste anyway). I would normally use a 56 gauge for the B. So, 50=52 and 54=56 is how it feels to me. As far as the tone, they sound thicker, more bassy that their regular nickel wounds. If you want a darker tone, then I would recommend these.
By Natasha
Belgrade, Serbia.
September 8, 2016
Great for drop tunings
Love them, it took about 2 weeks to get them to Eastern Europe. Still, it was worth it, great product!
By Amir
, Israel
July 15, 2016
cheap and nice strings
used the 0.10 and they nice and sound ok
Prosvery cheap for strings sound ok
Conswear quickly(3 months)
By Bruno Valenti
June 24, 2015
Always my choice for Drop tuning
Excellent strings for drop C tuning, really, really like them. Lots of crunch out of them !!!
ProsSoft feel Easier to bend than other brands Long lasting strings
By Boyan Bo
Sofia, Bulgaria
December 7, 2014
Best string for Drop C or D standard tuning
Long research and experimentation brought me to Dunlop Heavy Core, especially for tuning down to Drop C. I use the 11-50. Furthermore, I find that the strings wear and settle quite well, and retain their brightness after hours of playing. It is my favorite string for anything drop tuned and I highly recommend it. I also buy them in bulk, and they are consistent from one pack to the other. No string breakage, despite the aggressive nature of the playing style. Other strings I used before I found the Dunlop Heavy Core where - Ernie Ball Cobalt 11-49, D'Addario 11-48, and DR DDT 10-52.
ProsSolid, non-muddled tone in Drop C tuning. Tuning stability and consistency from pack to pack. Well priced and long lasting
By Chris
St. Albert, AB
September 11, 2014
My main strings!
I have several guitars that I use a wide selection of strings on, and these are by far the best I have. I use all 3 gauges, as well as the Heavy 7 on a guitar tuned to C (I loose the 10) and I have been blown away, especially when recording. For both active and passive pickups, the cut through the mix with some serious width and clarity, without being too loud or shrill.
ProsTuning is a dream, and they stay there. Clear as well, and retain that "new" sound for much longer. I have yet to break one (which I do on a regular basis with other brands)
ConsThey get stinky. Clean them on a regular basis and they are great! If they were coated, then their only downside will be gone!
By Boyan Bo
Herndon, VA
May 20, 2014
My favorite drop tuning string
I tried quite a few brands and gauges before arriving at Dunlop Heavy Core. - I compared them to DR DDT, EB RPS 11-48, and D'Addario 11-49 for 1 Whole-step-down tuning or for Drop C. It truly is all down the finer tips and the guitar scale but for my setup (a 25'' scale neck) these work perfectly. I originally found the slight string slack a little uncomfortable but then I applied it to bending and now I liked them even more. Very stable once stretched properly, a long lasting, nice feel (grip vs. slide) on the fingertips. For the amounts of these that I buy I only with they came in more eco-friendly packaging. I have and will continue recommending these to everyone.
ProsWonderful feel, great tuning stability, particular construction of bass strings is a plus for high gain styles;
ConsN / A
By Hayden
Marble Falls, TX
March 29, 2014
My main string now
I use these strings as my main set, I have bought quite a few of em in the past too ,cause i liked them that much. I use em for any tuning around the E standard tuning,& Ive gone as low as C# standard on these strings before it was unplayable. It has the best of both worlds in tension and comfort, the 48 is tight for fast riffing on the low end but the flexibility of a 10 for your high end for easy bending solos. Its like next step up from a 46-9 set basically.
ProsSuper smooth strings, they sound great and unique compared to other companies strings. The unique gauging as well, a hybrid lower 11 set with the high strings from a 10 set. And I like the boxing for the strings as well lol.
ConsThe plain 17 string does go out of tune the easiest when soloing. Otherwise, nothing.
July 18, 2011
Dunlop Heavy Core Heaviest Set Strings Review
I use drop C tuning and it's a good product works as advertised for the most part however the G string is plain steel and not wound so it keeps going out of tune. I would reccomend experimenting with different guages of nickel wound G strings to make a custom set.

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