Thomastik-Infeld Precision Flatwound Mandola Strings 174M Medium

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Thomastik Infeld Precision Flatwound Mandola Strings are the clear leader in producing quality sound from your Mandola.

"They have a steel core made of special alloy with high elasticity and durability. The sound of the Mandolin strings is clear and brilliant." - Thomastik-Infeld

Thomastik Infeld Precision Flatwound Mandola Strings offer brilliant, clear, and voluminous tone with a smooth flat wound feel from the polished chrome steel wrap wire (E-string is the only tin plated silver steel string). The elastic steel alloy core provides a high ratio of inertia to musical vibration, giving the strings a true ring instead of a metallic twang. This lends the string to fast fingering, optimized by a tremolo style of play.

Supplied in pairs, Thomastik-Infeld mandolin strings should be changed two strings at a time.

Light 15w 21w 34w 49w
174M Medium 15w 24w 34w 49w

What makes Thomastik-Infeld different?
Pursuing the perfect sound, Thomastik-Infeld starts with steel and nylon as core materials for their strings. The highly qualified technicians then wind and check every string by hand in order to insure quality and perfect tone. Infeld and his staff continually pursue the ever changing musical world, applying the evolving preferences in timbre, technique, and playing to their own imagination in pursuit of delivering perfection.

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