Thomastik Infeld KR116 Classic S Series Flatwound Classical Guitar Strings Hard

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Thomastik Infeld KR116 Classic S Series Flatwound Guitar Strings are the perfect concert string for performing folk and concert guitarists.

"A unique design employing a highly flexible steel rope core brings a high playing comfort." - Thomastik-Infeld

Thomastik Infeld KR116 Classic S Series Flatwound Guitar Strings offer a smooth, brilliant tone with extra long sustain! Classic S Series PRECISION are soft steel strings with polished windings.

Classic S/Flatwound 16-24-25-23-31-39

Note:E, A, d are silver plated copper flat wound, g, b, e are Nylon tape wound.

What makes Thomastik-Infeld different?
Pursuing the perfect sound, Thomastik-Infeld starts with steel and nylon as core materials for their strings. The highly qualified technicians then wind and check every string by hand in order to insure quality and perfect tone. Infeld and his staff continually pursue the ever changing musical world, applying the evolving preferences in timbre, technique, and playing to their own imagination in pursuit of delivering perfection.

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