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Roundwound, Halfwound and Flatwound

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      Looking for flat wound acoustic guitar strings? Not sure whether half wound bass strings will work with your band's sound? The pros at Strings and Beyond can help. We make it easy to shop our guitar and bass strings by wrap profile, so you can be sure you're choosing the strings that will enhance every performance.

      Before you select flat wound strings, round wound strings or half wound strings, check out this primer we put together for you:

      The profile of the wrap wire affects tone and feel of guitar strings.

      • Round wound guitar strings offer the brightest sound, yet have more string noise due to their ribbed texture.
      • Half round guitar strings have a warmer sound due to the strings being round wound, then ground down for a smoother feel. This reduces string noise when changing chords, while retaining some of the sound qualities of the round wound string.
      • Flat wound guitar strings offer the warmest, most vintage sound of these three profiles. The flat ribbon wire provides the smoothest polished surface, practically eliminating string noise. This string is perfect for performing anything from blues to jazz, while remaining suitable for modern rock.

      Our inventory is always stocked with our most popular half wound, flat wound and round wound guitar strings, including D'Addario strings.

      Don't see what you need? Now that you know what you're looking for, check out our full selection of guitar strings by manufacturer and our current specials.

      Still not certain which guitar strings are right for you? Contact us for friendly, knowledgeable advice tailored to your musical sensibilities.