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The Beatles heavily influenced music and culture. Now, as you play your music on the guitar, honor one of the greatest bands of all time. D'Addario (formerly Planet Waves) honors the Beatles' legacy, essence and enduring spirit with the artwork on these guitar accessories. Catch everyone's eye with your homage to this great band. From Yellow Submarine to Revolver, each of these D'Addario (formerly Planet Waves) guitar straps spans a different part of the Beatles' epic career. Get your guitar picks and straps featuring the Beatles album covers and images.

All Straps are 2.5 inches thick and are made of high quality synthetic material that is vegan friendly. Feel good about playing your music while honoring the Beatles with these great guitar straps. Also feel good that no animals were harmed in their making. Start to collect all the Beatles guitar straps and picks from Strings and Beyond today.

"Meet The Beatles - 25LB01"

"Help - 25LB03"

"Revolver - 25LB04"

"Sgt. Peppers - 25LB05"

"Yellow Submarine - 25LB06"

"Sgt. Peppers 50th Anniversary - 25LB09"

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