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D'Addario Custom NYXL Strings for Strandberg Electric Guitars, Custom Light 9.5-64

Item# DAD_NYXL09564SB
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Item Description

D’Addario .strandberg* Custom NYXL Sets

D’Addario has partnered with .strandberg* Guitars in designing custom NYXL electric sets optimized for use with their Boden 7- & Boden 8 extended range guitars. Each set features D’Addario exclusive break-resistant, high-carbon steel core and plain steel alloy for unprecedented strength and pitch stability, and wound strings with enhanced mid-range frequency response to cut through the mix.

- Gauges and tensions are optimized for use on .strandberg* 7- & 8-string variable scale length instruments

- 8-string set includes a ball end tapered 8 th string to fit the .strandberg* bridge design

- Wound strings with enhanced mid-range frequency response in the 1 - 3.5 kHz range deliver more presence and crunch

D’Addario .Strandberg* Boden 7-String Custom NYXL Set

E - 1st / Silver - 9.5

B - 2nd / Purple - 13

G - 3rd / Green - 16

D - 4th / Black - 24

A - 5th / Red - 34

E - 6th / Brass - 46

B - 7th / Copper - 64

D'Addario Custom NYXL Strings for Strandberg Electric Guitars, Custom Light 9.5-64
D'Addario Custom NYXL Strings for 8-String Strandberg Electric Guitars, Custom Light 9-84


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By Barry
Orchard Park, NY
Nice Surprise!!!
June 30, 2021
I recently purchased these strings for the first time. I have an old Ibanez RG 7420 (with a swirl paint job!!) and have used D'Addario nickel-wound 10's (EXL's) for the last few years. I prefer the ease of bending playing 9's, but the low E and especially low B were way too floppy. With the EXL 10's, the two low strings had a little more definition and meat, but were still lacking that punch I was looking for.

So, I searched for a 9.5 set for 7 strings. I use D'Addario EXL strings on all of my 6 string electrics, which I love. After a brief search I found the NYXL's. The bass strings are even beefier than the EXL 10's and the high and middle strings are easier to bend (although the 2nd string is the same gauge as the EXL 10's, which struck me as slightly odd). Plus, maybe I'm hallucinating, but I could swear that the NYXL's have a brighter sound compared with the nickel-wound EXL10's.

I've used D'Addario strings almost exclusively for electrics for the last 20 years. When I gigged with bands I'd change strings around once a week. Now that I'm older and have health problems which prevent me from playing in a band, I probably change my strings every few months. As long as I clean my strings with Dunlop 65 after I play, they last a long time and keep much of their tone. If I was gigging out, I'd still change the NYXL's every week, but they are a bit expensive compared with the D'Addario EXL's.

So, for me at this point in my life, I'll gladly pay 10 bucks more for these strings ever few months. Even though they are meant for Strandberg multi-scale guitars, they work great with my Ibanez.
  • Chunkier bass strings, easier to bend middle and high strings and a brighter sound than D'Addario EXL 10's.
  • A bit on the expensive side (but worth it IMO).
By James
Vancouver, British columbia
Stunning tone, insane tension in the low end. And beautiful feel
November 22, 2018
Play these on my ibanez rgif7
Fanned fret.
They are AMAZING.

I've always wanted something a bit thicker than 9's and this hits that perfectly, as well as just giving a perfect tension across all strings on multi scale guitars. Just. Oof. These are all I want to play from now on.

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