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La Bella 710L Silk and Steel Acoustic Guitar Strings - Light

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Item Description

The Silk & Steel wound strings have silver-plated copper wire wound on pure silk filaments wrapped over a steel core.

Preferred by finger-style guitarists for their great volume and mellow tone, these strings are meticulously hand-wound using a pure Italian silk underlay and have less tension than standard steel or bronze wound strings.

Light 710L - 11 14 32 31 41 51

La Bella 710L Silk and Steel Acoustic Guitar Strings - Light
La Bella 710M Silk and Steel Acoustic Guitar Strings - Medium

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By J A.
Know what you want in strings
September 20, 2021
Silk and steel strings are not for everyone. If a VERY warm and round tone and easy playability is what you want, go for it by all means. But stay away if you want loud and crisp sound.
By ShoreGuy
The best Silk and Steel strings available
April 3, 2021
I use Silk and Steel strings exclusively on my Epiphone Hummingbird. I like a very mellow, "old strings" sort of tone, and I dislike the bright, clangy tone of standard phosphor bronze strings. Silk and Steel strings give you that great mellow broken-in tone right out the box. I also love the low tension.

However, the downside is that the commonly available silk and steel strings from other brands (usually 11 - 47 gauge) are essentially too light for many playing styles, and are prone to buzzing unless played very gently with fingerstyle. The LaBella 710L set basically solves this problem. This LaBella set comes with slightly heavier gauge low E, A, and D strings. So that you can play with a pick and moderately strum these without them constantly buzzing out. I find these strings to be "just right", they are still low tension, but are substantial enough to avoid buzz on the lower strings during light to moderate playing. I can also tune the E string down to D without it getting way too floppy like it does with an 11-47 silk and steel set.

With that being said, Silk and Steel strings are not for everyone. If you like a bright sound, or if you have a heavy playing style (i.e., bluegrass flatpicking, hard strumming, etc.), it would not be a good choice. But if you are a Silk and Steel fan, try these! They are great.

By K
Ontario, Canada
Sweet strings
January 19, 2021
My first time using silk & steel. Very responsive,bright and just feel so good. i'm going to use these again and again. They're fantastic.
  • Bright full sound. Resonates amazingly well.
By Chris
Decent Silk & Steel Option
January 10, 2020
I have been doing a comparison of silk & steel strings from multiple brands, and these are pretty much middle of the road compared to the other options. I would call them basically heavier MA130S strings. They have the sweet sound of the Martin MA130S, but are not as easy to play because they're heavier. I guess they are a little louder too. Generally I would say that if you are going to go with silk & steel strings for their play-ability, I would go Martin unless you are afraid of a little fret buzz. I have also tried The Earthwood Silk & Steel and John Pearse Silk and Phosphor Bronze strings, and those are pretty much light feeling regular strings.

  • - Sweet sounding
  • - Louder than MA130S
  • - Less fret buzz than MA130S
  • - Easier to play than Earthwood or John Pearse silk and steel
  • - Not as easy to play as MA130S
Best Silk and Steel Strings
February 13, 2018
These are the best silk and steel strings I've tried. They are a perfect match for my wife's custom 12
fret Martin 00-21. They sound mellow but clear in the basses. The lighter tension makes them easier
to play for longer periods of time. The trebles are clear and crisp, but not brassy like many strings.
Highly recommend if you're considering silk and steel strings.
  • Warmer and mellower without being dull or thuddy
  • Lighter tension without significant loss of volume
  • Good lifespan (getting 6-8 weeks)
  • Nice looking silver-plated basses
  • Especially good for fingerpicking
  • None!
By Loren
Kentucky, USA
May 29, 2017
I always liked how silk & steel sets sounded, but until I found La Bella brand, the available gauges were all .011 - .048 or so -- way too light for the kind of tone I wanted. Finally, though, I found these, the .012s, with a low E that's about .051 or so, and they're everything good about silk and steel, that warm, soft tone, but not flimsy. They last a good long time, and they're not outrageously priced -- so yipee!

I'm sold for years to come. Ideal for fingerstyle, and they respond well to a pick.
Toronto, Canada
Sweet warm tone
December 29, 2016
I tried many light gauge steel strings over the years on my Gibson J45V and I always hated the first few weeks when they sounded cold and jangly which would warm with time. Umanov's in the Village advised La Bella's Silk strings and I was hooked from the first strum. It has that sweet warm 'old-timey' Gibson tone on old Woody G. records. I use lights and change quarterly. Highly recommended for that warm tone. S&B ships fast and no import duty or taxes to Canada.
By Bobby
March 21, 2015
Perhaps it was a bad set; I found these strings to be flat and devoid of any resonance.

  • Poor winding.
  • Dead core.
By Reginald B.
La Bella 710L Silk and Steel Acoustic strings
June 30, 2010
I have been using Martin's Silk and Steel strings, and was very satisfied with them. I then tried them on a guitar - Oscar Schmidt OG 8S. The Martins did not give enough bottom end to the guitar. I then tried D'Addario, same issue. Although these strings worked grate on other guitars, I wanted to stay with Silk and Steel. Then I noticed that the La Bella's had a heavier bottom E string. It turned out to be just what I needed. The tone is very sweet. The strings are very responsive to my style of rhythm playing. I would recommend them highly.
By Jack S.
La Bella 710L Silk and Steel Acoustic Guitaar Striings
March 10, 2010
I started using La Bella Silk and Steel's on Gibson Hummingbird about 35 years ago and continue to do so to this day. I tried Martin's a couple of times with unsatifactory results (poor tone and short life) and have simply never found anything else capable of giving such sweet voice to my ol' Gibson.

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