John Pearse Buffalo Horn Bridge Pins Brass French Eye with Abalone Dot


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Each Pin is inlaid with a beautiful, handmade Brass French Eye with Abalone Dot. John Pearse Buffalo Horn Pins are packaged as a set of six Pins with a chamfered edge--which means that the end of the pin is cut on an angle. When you insert the pin into the string slot, the chamfered end moves the pin past the ball of the string so that the ball seats along the side of the pin much more easily than without the chamfered end. When you are replacing a string in a hurry, it makes your life easier! It also means that your string will seat perfectly each time, not turning your guitar into a pin-launching cannon! The New John Pearse Buffalo Bridge Pin Sets are available in 3 different inserts [shown left to right], 6 pins to the set:

  • Simple Abalone Dot
  • Brass French Eye with Abalone Dot
  • White French Eye with Abalone Dot

    NOW Available in John PearseĀ® Mini Leather Squeeze Pouch "Green Packaging" rather than the wooden box / plastic packaging as displayed for the photo!

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