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Dunlop Ultex Standard Guitar Picks

Item# DUN_421
Buy Discount Dunlop Ultex Standard Guitar Picks On Sale Online and Save
Dunlop Ultex Standard Guitar Picks
Dunlop Ultex Standard Guitar Picks
Dunlop Ultex Standard Guitar Picks
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Item Description

A simple little thing can be a big deal when it’s the one thing that makes your guitar sing. Pick up a six-pack of Dunlop Ultex Standard Guitar Picks and show off your most delicate fluttering lines or pounding chords. These Dunlop Ultex picks are impossibly hard yet absolutely responsive to reveal every flicker of emotion in your playing and still add brutal bite to the heaviest power chord you can unleash. They’re also virtually indestructible and are guaranteed to hang tough through countless pick slides, windmills, and other forms of guitar-whomping insanity. Few things in the world cost less and do more to make you smile every time you pick up your guitar.

Select from the following sizes: 0.60, 0.73,*NEW .88, 1.0 and 1.14 millimeters.

If these aren’t the guitar picks you’re looking for, see our full selection. Strings and Beyond has hundreds to choose from in every color, shape and material you’ve heard of and a few you haven’t even imagined yet.


11 Reviews
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By Aaron
Jackson, WY
September 15, 2018
My favorite pick of all time, especially on a darker sounding guitar like a rosewood Gibson J-45
I like these sizes...
.88 for all around picking and stumming
.77 for heavy strumming
1.0 to produce more volume.
...Even better on a darker sounding guitar like a rosewood Gibson J-45. Also brings out the best in articulation of each string and gets the most out of those old strings you've been meaning to change.
By Kritsada
Pathumwan, Bangkok
July 18, 2018
Good for Steel String Acoustic Guitar
As far as my experiment, this 0.60 pick is really good with Ernie Ball Phosphor Bronze (PB) strings, D’addario PB and Martin Retro because of its controllability and solid sound, even with nylon strings. But it’s not good with 92/8 PB Martin, sound is too dark for some strings.
ProsGood for steel string acoustic guitar
ConsNot so durable with my hard strumming and solo style, it always begins to crack after three or four days of 2-3 hours rehearsal, I find a standard Tortex pick (0.60 - Orange) is more durable
By rhys
haden, queensland
September 7, 2017
favourite pick
i use these picks all the time for all playing, just dont get the same great clean strum from other picks
By Michael Toney
Chester, Texas
April 4, 2017
My Favorite Pick For Acoustic Guitar
This particular plectrum thickness works well with my Takamine PD5C. Snaps the strings... 11-52 gage, just right for maximum volume & tone when strumming or picking. I like the tacky feel that it provides, enabling me to keep my pick straight & easier to hang onto. They're tough & last a long time. However, I prefer a more flexible pick when playing through an amp, if I'm just doing rhythm guitar & that's where the Dunlop nylons come into play. Dunlops are great picks. I use them exclusively on electric and acoustic guitars.
ProsThey provide a good, tacky feel between the thumb & finger which helps to prevent slippage... easier to hold onto. Great... works for me!
By John England
Nashville, TN
March 30, 2017
If Only they Were White
I really like white picks, for increased visibility, and these are only available in yellow. Otherwise, they are perfect. I like the 1.14 version.
By Randy
Marion, IN
February 2, 2017
One of the Best
I've tried dozens of different picks and these sound good, are easy to grip, and don't break or wear down easily. I use many different gauges and never broke anything heavier than a .60.
ProsSound, grip, durable.
By Steve B
May 3, 2016
1.14 Jazz
Very sensitive and a pleasure to grip.
By Kyle
Chapel Hill, TN
November 8, 2015
Dunlop Ultex
Great picks! I've been using the Ultex for a long time and I just love the material. Tough as nails, grippy, and has a nice attack with a little more bite than the Tortex. You cannot fail with these picks! Thanks S&B!
ProsDurability, tone
By Tangle001
Simi Valley
October 8, 2014
Pick of my destiny
We all been playing a lot of strum strum type speed strumming type rock for which even I had to search out a special thin pick, which they don't make anymore and thankfully I was able to find a quantity of them before they all were gone. But now I have arranged an opus for my friend for which I felt I needed to play some quality lead guitar picking, so I wrote and conceptualized the lead but I couldn't play it with the picks and strings I've been using, was all a mismatch - me, the light strings, and any pick I tried. Thankfully these Ultex .60 work great, sound great, and my playing is starting to sound like it supposed to. Thank you Strings and Beyond and Jim Dunlop Ultex They are very strong material, but I guess have just enough microscopic give to make them kind of perfect for picking out the leads, and the matte satin texture is great to get a lot of tone out of the pick to string action,
ProsFeel good.
By Edward
Winnipeg, MB
April 25, 2014
Best pick out there
Great pick. Very clear sound.
By Gab
Saint-Hippolyte, QC
January 13, 2014
Médiator plus résistant
Un peu plus d'attaque dans le son qui est plus ouvert. Sonnes moins ouffque le Dunlop Gator par exemple. C'est dans mes pr chez Dunlop.
Pros+ Meilleur dureté à épaisseur égale à d'autre matière + Durée de vie nettement améliorer.

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