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Dunlop Ultex Sharp Guitar Picks

Item# DUN_433
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Item Description

Based off of a coveted vintage tortoise shell pick in the Dunlop collection, the Ultex Sharp guitar pick has a rigid body tapering into a thinner and sculpted tip for intense control and speed. The seamless contoured edge surrounds the pick for more playing surfaces and tones. Engineered of Ultex—the Dunlop Ultex Sharp is virtually indestructible and delivers a crisp tone with quick release attack. Available in .73, .90, 1.0, 1.14, 1.40, and 2.0mm gauges.


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By Noriel
May 31, 2018
I found another favorite!
I am a longtime Jazz III XL Ultex user. I love the feel of Ultex, but wanted just a little bit bigger size that was similar in shape to one of my favorites, the Dunlop Jazztone 208. The pick point profile is very similar for me, as it's not as acute as say the regular "Sharp" Shape Dunlop produces, it's a bit more of an obtuse, wider angle. My Jazz III XL's are a little more acute than these, which means I don't have to get rid of a shape. I believe I've moved on from the regular size Jazz III's, however -- too small for me.

These Ultex sharps are great for me in 2.0 and 1.4. I gravitate towards these thicknesses over thinner picks. I use these picks with electric bass, 6-7 string guitar, and ukelele, as well as my 1/2 size Yamaha acoustic. I play primarily Stoner/Doom bass and guitar riffs as well as gypsy, middle-eastern/oriental type leads. I don't do a lot of chording with these picks, but that's just my style.

These picks are grippy when you first take them out, like a powdered asian hard candy (if you know what I'm talking about, you'll know I nailed the description). The edges are smooth, with not mold line (unlike the Delrin Dunlop picks I have). These picks will generally get lost before they are worn down in my usage. I use these with flat and round bass strings, 9-62 guitar strings, and 1/2 size and concert ukelele nylon strings. I just placed another order for the 72 pack.

The only improvement I'd make with these picks are to have some sort of raised lettering or embossing like on my Beloved Jazz III XL Ultex.
Pros2.0 and 1.4 thickness: Grippy out of the package Smooth Edges, no seam or mold line in my initial six pack Durable - I lose these before they get worn out or lose their tone.
ConsNo embossing, or raised lettering, so they could become smooth and slippery over time. This is what I really love about my Jazz III XL Ultex.
By Alexander
Saratov, Saratovskaya oblast
February 10, 2018
My choice for a long time)
I tried them once and immediately bought a large pack.
0.90 gauge
ProsVery durable Great tone
By Aksel
Stranda, Møre Og Romsdal
November 10, 2017
Amazing picks!!!
These picks are amazing and bring a very nice tone to my guitar and especially the acoustic guitar!
Moscow oblast,Lyubereckij rajon, МО
April 7, 2017
All good
I really love these mediators!
ProsComfort game Convenient material ease Inexpensive price
By Marshall
Mississauga, ON
August 15, 2016
Great tone, great durability... but a little slippery
These things are build to last. I don't know how many gigs I've done with the same pick, but it's barely showing any sign of wear. However... I usually switch it out part way through the night as my hands get sweaty (or tired); there's really no grip to them. But if you have a pick holder full of them in front of you, I suppose it's not a huge deal.
ProsIncredibly durable, clear and warm tone
ConsNo grip
By Yoav
Tel Aviv, Israel
April 17, 2016
If you are looking for articulation and clarity, Don't look further!
I have been a Jazz 3 man for a long time and still am (I use the black ultex one) but I needed something more. This pick have an aggresive attack and clarity and the sharper than normal edge makes the pick "fly" of the string with ease. Great for metal rythem playing and acoustic strumming alike.
ProsGet heavey tones with minimum effort
ConsTakes a bit to get use to
By Guilherme
Cornelio Procopio, Parana
February 18, 2016
Fast Shipment and Arrival and Great Quality item
It was the first time i bought these picks and i really enjoy it!
By Pedro
Valparaiso, Valparaiso
November 17, 2015
Good for picking.
I have tried them on acoustic. Great to pick with, produce clear and warm notes. A bit slippery if you tend to have sweaty fingers.
ProsEasy to pick with Clear and warm tone
ConsSlippery on sweaty fingers
By Barry
Maize, KS
July 15, 2015
The Best Picks
Experimented with all kinds of picks, until I tried these about 2 years ago. Sounds as good as tortoise or high $ imitations, and you can afford to lose one. I use 1.14s on guitar and mandolin.
ProsVolume, tone, feel.
By Ed
Youngstown, OH
May 23, 2015
Excellent Pick for Acoustic Guitar!
The Ultex Sharps are great for acoustic guitar (flatpicking and strumming). The .73 is my favorite, and provides the drive of a heavier pick, but also a nice, lively tone (not at all muffled like some heavier picks). The .90 is also excellent for acoustic guitar if you like a heavier pick. The grip on these picks is excellent. Both gauges are highly recommended.
Pros* Excellent grip * Drives through the string well (like a heavier pick) * No muffling of acoustic guitar tone (even up to .90 gauge) * Good for both flatpicking and strumming. * Very good value.
Cons* None. Great pick.
By Kyle
Brighton, MA
February 8, 2015
Wears jagged
I like the feel of these picks but when they wear the material gets jagged and grabs on the strings. Not good
By Jorge
Yuma, AZ
June 28, 2014
ultex rules!
This is my favorite material for picks. I've used tortex, gatorgrip, and nylon for years, but these kicked the tortex off my list. Great volume, articulation, and speed. If you haven't tried ultex, you're missing out! I like the 1.14 and .88
By Andrew
Tula, Tula
May 16, 2014
Best-sounding picks
Classic shape, great material, it's a pleasure to use them
ProsMaterial Durability Crisp sound
By Mark
Oyen, AB
February 14, 2014
My go-to pick
I've tried a lot of picks in different materials, shapes, and gauges, and I keep coming back to these. I have bags of them in 1 and 1.14 mm so I don't run out. The sharpness really does feel nice. My only complaints are that the thin edges get dull and worn fairly quick and the transparent-yellow color is really hard to see if you drop it. I'd have preferred something neon.
ProsLove the sharpness Feels great
ConsEdges dull too fast Transparency makes it hard to find if you drop one
By Roman
February 1, 2012
Ultrex Sharp picks
One of my favorite picks! 0.73 gauge

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