D'Addario Humidipak Maintain Automatic Conditioning System 3 Replacement Packets

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Designed for the D'Addario Humidipak - Automatic Humidity Control System This all new, reformulated, patented “two-way" humidification system maintains 45-50% relative humidity which eliminates all maintenance and guesswork . This system is recommended by Taylor guitars and others for maintaining the stability and playability of your instrument. This item comes with 3 Humidipak Replacement Packettes.



  • What is the #1 cause of all instrument repairs?

    Lack of humidity is the leading cause of all instrument repairs. It is essential to humidify all wooden instruments.

  • How do I recognize symptoms of a dry instrument?

    A dry instrument can be recognized by a number of symptoms. Sharp fret ends, neck bow, sunken top, lifted bridge, lower string height, notes starting to buzz, cracking of the neck and/or body, or change in tone of the instrument.

  • Which Humidipak do I need?

    If your instrument is not already too dry, Humidipak Maintain will maintain a constant relative humidity level inside your case. If your instrument is dry and needs to first be brought back to the proper relative humidity level, use Humidipak Restore.

  • How often should I replace my Humidipak?

    Humidipaks typically last between two to six months for an instrument that is already preconditioned to 45%-50% relative humidity. They should be replaced when the packets begin to feel hard or every six months maximum, whichever comes first.

  • What temperature should I keep the room my instrument is stored in?

    It's important to maintain a consistent temperature in the room where your instruments are stored. Anywhere in the range of 70-76 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

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