GHS Nickel Rockers Pure Nickel Rollerwounds Electric Guitar Strings R+RXL Extra Light 9-42

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To do any job well, you need the right tools. When playing electric guitar, you should be able to focus on the music rather than the obstacles of playing it. Improve your electric-guitar-playing by eliminating unwanted finger noise, squeaking and difficult sliding. GHS Nickel Rocker Electric Guitar Strings from Strings and Beyond will provide you with a comfortable feel, solid tone and less finger noise. The GHS Nickel Rocker Electric Guitar Strings are made of pure nickel wrap that is slightly flattened with rollers in the winding process, making sliding effortless, squeaks nonexistent and the process of playing your guitar a smooth experience. For the genres of rock, jazz and blues, Nickel Rockers will allow the music to flow through you without any other unwanted sounds. Check out all GHS guitar strings or choose from four different gauges of Nickel Rockers and get your electric guitar strings at an affordable price from Strings and Beyond.


R+RXL EXTRA LIGHT: .009 .011 .016 .024w .032 .042

R+RXL/L EXTRA LIGHT/LIGHT: .009 .011 .016 .026w .036 .046

R+RL LIGHT: .010 .013 .017 .026w .036 .046

R+EJL CUSTOM LIGHT: .010 .013 .018 .026w .038 0.50

R+RM MEDIUM: .011 .015 .018 .026w .036 .050

R+EJM CUSTOM MEDIUM: .011 .014 .019 .028w .040 .052