Fred Kelly Delrin Speed Thumb Picks - Bag of 24 D3B-M-24 Delrin Large Medium - Orange

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Just like the name says, the Fred Kelly Speed Pick is built for speed. This guitar thumb pick has a long, thin shank for precision and speed. It's made of DuPont Delrin material, which is strong and stiff but provides a soft feel on the strings and produces a natural sound. The thumb hole fits securely but comfortably and the Fred Kelly Speed Pick comes in seven different versions. Choose from light (yellow), medium (orange) and heavy (white) in the regular size, or light, medium or heavy in the large size. There's also a Speed Pick in a lefty version.

In addition to these Fred Kelly Speed Picks, Strings and Beyond carries a dizzyingly huge selection of guitar picks and thumb picks in every size, shape, color, material, thickness and style you can imagine. Our full selection of guitar picks literally includes hundreds of choices, so browse and expect to find something new.