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Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Acoustic Imaging Pedal

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Item Description

Feel your instruments aura come alive with the Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Acoustic Imaging Pedal as it thanks you for being freed from the tonal oppression of lesser direct boxes!

“Aura Spectrum DI is no ordinary direct box. The cost of a quality tuner, compressor, active EQ, and a balanced direct box far exceed the price of an Aura Spectrum DI - and that doesn’t even include the benefits of Aura Imaging. It’s an incredible value.” -

Fishman's Aura Spectrum DI is a multi-featured direct box including the award-winning Aura Acoustic Imaging technology. Aura Spectrum DI offers a 3-band Active EQ, one knob Compressor, Automatic Feedback Suppression, a Chromatic Tuner, Effects Loop, and balanced XLR DI, all housed in a durable all-metal casing. The Aura Spectrum DI is the tone solution for the recording or performing acoustic musician.

Aura Acoustic Imaging Technology makes an acoustic instrument pickup sound like a high quality studio microphone by blending an "Image", from an instrument of similar make and style that has been prerecorded using world-class studio mics and techniques, with the output from your undersaddle or soundhole pickup. (To hear an example, check out the "Audition" portion of the Fishman Product Video one tab over!) The included Aura Image Gallery software gives you access to an ever-expanding list of instruments!

Aura Spectrum DI Image Banks:

- For standard and full size guitars
Orchestra - For midsize guitars
Concert - For smaller body guitars
Jumbo - For large body guitars
Nylon - For nylon string classical or flamenco guitars
12-String - For 12 string guitars
Bluegrass – For fiddle, mandolin, and resonator
User Bank - Load up to 16 Images from the Aura Image Gallery

Why Fishman? Fishman has been synonymous with the best in acoustic amplification for over 25 years. Fishman established itself as the premier maker of OEM acoustic pickups and preamps for Martin, Gibson, Fender, Guild, and many more. Today, Fishman is the choice of professionals in all styles providing everything a performer needs, from Pickups and Preamps, to Tone Shaping pedals and Acoustic Amplifiers. Wherever you find amplified acoustic instruments, you can bet you’ll find Fishman!

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Specs & Features

  • Award-winning Aura Acoustic Imaging - 128 Images for the most popular acoustic instruments - Restores a natural, studio-miked sound to pickup equipped acoustic instruments, including guitar, violin, dobro, mandolin, and banjo
  • USB for uploading Images from the included Aura Gallery to 16 User-Configurable Image locations - Select Images to suit the character of your instruments
  • Input / Output Options: ¼” Instrument Input Jack; ¼” Unbalanced Output; Balanced XLR D.I. Out; TRS ¼” Effects Loop - Accommodates almost any Input/Output scenario, live or in the studio; “Insert style” Effects Loop allows effects to be added after sculpting your tone in the pre-amp stage
  • Automatic D.I. Ground Lift - The Automatic XLR Ground Lift is engaged when using the 1/4” Output and eliminates unwanted hum
  • Controls: Volume Control, Image Select Control, Blend Control - Adjust the Volume output to taste; Choose the Aura Image that suits your instrument; Blend the Image to taste with your pickup output
  • 3 Band Digital EQ - Boost or cut frequencies for maximum control of your tone
  • One knob Compressor - Controls several settings in an automatic leveling circuit, providing an even level to your playing while retaining the natural sound of the instrument
  • Automatic Anti-Feedback with up to 3 notches - Seeks and destroys rogue frequencies that cause feedback
  • Phase Switch - Cuts feedback and improves low end response
  • Built in Chromatic Tuner w/silent Tuner mode - Ideal for silently tuning any instrument on stage
  • 9-Volt Battery or optional Adaptor - Choose your preferred method to power Aura Spectrum DI

  • Check here for more specific details on setup and operating instructions: Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Acoustic Imaging Pedal User Guide


Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Acoustic Imaging Pedal

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