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Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Electric Guitar Strings

Item# EB_27XX
Buy Discount Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Electric Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
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Item Description

For the latest technology in electric guitar strings, you must try the Ernie Cobalt Guitar Strings from Strings and Beyond. Manufactured to maximize clarity and output, Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Guitar Strings are the most recent breakthrough in guitar string technology. Cobalt guitar strings provide a newly extended dynamic range, great harmonic response, increased low end and brilliant highs. That is why they are giving guitarists and bassists new horizons to explore. Cobalt strings are built with a better magnetic relationship between pickups and strings than any other alloy made in the past. The Cobalt Slinkys are soft to the touch, which makes string bending easier than ever. The Cobalt Series is a vast improvement over its nickel-wound competitor because its strings provide better sustain and clarity in the sound. They also are sweat and moisture-resistant while being flexible and long-lasting. Experience the latest in string technology for yourself by ordering your Ernie Ball Cobalt strings and all your guitar accessories and picks and Ernie Ball strings from Strings and Beyond today.

2725 Extra Slinky 08-11-14-22-30-38
2723 Super Slinky 09-11-16-24-32-42
2722 Hybrid Slinky 09-11-16-26-36-46
2721 Regular Slinky 10-13-17-26-36-46
2715 Skinny Top/Hvy Bottom 10-13-17-30-42-52
2720 Power Slinky 11-14-18p-28-38-48
2727 Beefy Slinky 11-15-22p-30-42-54
2726 Not Even Slinky 12-16-24p-32-44-56
2728 7-String 10-13-17-26-36-46-56
2729 7-String 11-14-18p-28-38-48-58
2730 7-String 10-13-17-30-42-52-62

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21 Reviews
67% (14)
14% (3)
14% (3)
0% (0)
5% (1)
67% Recommend this product (14 of 21 responses)
By Igor
Russia, Moscow
March 21, 2018
best strings
excellent exhaust, do not fade for a long time
By Damian
Prince George, BC
February 12, 2018
When i wanted a little extra punch out of my sound without buying a new amp or pedals i just switched to these. If you play metal or any kind of rock give these strings a go so much expression can be unleashed by your hands using these strings and a hidden tone in your guitar can be discovered
Prosgreat feel, amazing output, serious tone, longevity,
Consdepending on your setup or rig not made for every genre
By Jeffrey
Winston-Salem, NC
November 19, 2017
Tone is better than D'addario NYXL's for my taste...
If I were to compare the two. The NYXL's are warmer and not as clear sounding. The cobalts do not have as much high end as the M-Steels, but do have a clear bite in the presence area, which gives the attack a very nice tone. They cut very well through heavy distortion, and I would say they are a step up from the regular nickel wounds. The difference might not be worth it for practice strings, but I would recommend these for recording. If you want a more clear, present sound than the regular slinkys, but do not like the extra high end of the m-steels, these are a good middle road.
By Bernie
Farmington, NY
October 10, 2017
Great strings
These are my go to strings. I am using them on 4 different guitars and I have no complaints with them
ProsLong lasting Stay in tune sound good
By Robbie
Puvirnituq Qc
August 10, 2017
Ok but not worth the price jump
I got these because my co-guitarist swears by them so I got a set of 10-46 and 10-52 aaaand I can certainly see why people like them but noticed nothing truly special to differ them from the regular EB's I use I also noticed that overtime tension would loosen by quite a bit I still have the 10-52's on my SE and it's tuned to E standard because the tension is so loose I have to tune up to maintain the tension I'm used to and the 10-46's I switched them out for some spare d'addarios I had laying around because the cobalts had become too loose
ProsGood EB tone as advertised
ConsNot worth the price jump and string tension loosens over time
By Bob
United States
May 28, 2017
Cobalt Super Slinky's
I used the pure nickels for years and tried the Cobalts. They are louder and seem to ring more. I like them. The feel is different a bit of a coarse feeling where the nickels are smooth but its very slight. Its seems easier to do pull offs with the Cobalts. Bends are the same. They really last long too. Love these.
ProsBetter tone, longer lasting, louder.
By Colin
Toronto, ON
February 4, 2017
Solid strings
These are great strings however I'm not sure my ears can hear a significant difference between the cobalts and the regular slinky brand. Regardless they are a solid pick. I used the skinny top, heavy bottom and they play great and stay in tune. They also last quite a long while.
ProsDependable, long lasting, hold their pitch well.
ConsNearly double the price a regular slinky pack without a dramatic sound difference.
By Dan
Halifax, NS
July 20, 2016
Great reviews - bad results
I watched a few YouTube reviews, even by the man himself (John Petrucci) so I figured "hey, why not". I was thoroughly disappointed because they felt like cheap garbage strings. They felt rough, stiff, were hard to bend and were painfully trebly. I tried the Slinky RPS and they were nice but the Cobalts were terrible.
Cons- Rough feel - Stiff - Hard to bend - Painfully trebly
By TullyJ
Edmonton, AB
October 29, 2015
Great Tone, output and durability. Needs wound 3rd string on heavier gauges.
I really, really like the tone of these strings paired with my EMG 57/66 set, which I'm playing in C Standard tuning. Using the 'Not Even Slinky' set the gauges are great for tension and tuning for lower tunings. However, I found that the 24p string was too thick for a plain and not wound string, was weak sounding in comparison to the other strings. If you're looking for drop tuning strings by other companies to compare checkout ClearTone Monster/Heavy Series and D'Addario NYXL. For lighter gauges, lighter than the Power Slinky set are amazing!
ProsTone Output Durability Feel
ConsNeeds optional wound for 3rd string on thicker gauges
By Nikos
Athens, Greece
April 5, 2015
Best strings so far...
Best strings I've ever used. More punch, dynamic response & clarity.
By Scott
British Columbia, Canada
November 6, 2014
I just love the feel of these strings. Switched to them when they first came out. Tried going to Cleartone strings but went back to the Ernie Ball Cobalt soon after. The Cobalts are more durable with my Floyd Rose guitars and seem to stay in tune better.
By Olav
Oslo, Norge
October 2, 2014
Great sounding strings
A bit higher price, but these sound great and are very crisp and clear
ProsGreat sound Durable
ConsA bit expencive
By Jason
Toronto, ON
August 25, 2014
they are a bit louder but other than that nothing special about them
Prosthat classic bright ernie ball tone bragging rights
Consthe price
By Matthew
Bishop's Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador
March 22, 2014
I ordered these strings a while back and still have not needed to change them!!
ProsKeep tuning very well Last long Good sound
By Liam
Vancouver, BC
January 6, 2014
Great String!
I originally tried these out when I first got my strat. They definitely have a great feel to them- much better then the normal ernie balls. Last a long time too.
ProsFeels good, lasts long. Tone was good, but nothing crazy good.
ConsTone wasn't as good as I was hoping.
By BluesDisciple
The Middle of the Desert-AZ.
December 6, 2012
Gotta Remember the EQ
My set is on my Les Paul Traditional Plus with a set of '57 Classic pickups. Bourns sealed pots, .047 caps. At first I wasn't fond of the set through my Marshall JVM100 half-stack. Then I tweaked the EQ and the Drive. And then I did the same on a Fender Hot Rod Deville, on the Drive channel. Holy-mother-of-the-Grail-Seekers-of-TONE!!!! I'm getting an acoustic tone when the Bridge tone is dialed all the way down. A decent R'N'B (Raunch and Burn baby!!!) tone at 10on all four knobs. And then something indescribably delicious at all points in between. I was playing GHS Boomers, and I need to move through my stash of those before I start stocking these in earnest. Even at $9 a set though, I know where I am going to point my tone compass at. These rock, and they are smoother than DÁddarios. The bends are easier than most, but similar to the Ernie Ball Coated strings. Most of all though, the increased output is not hype. The magnetics have been improved, and are sending a better signal on down the line. Try them. They may not be your cup of tea, but they deserve a look. I'm sold, because my ears are telling me that I have found something that I had been looking for, for a long time. Sound, crunch, and sweetness. Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Malaguena have never sounded so good.
By Al
November 9, 2012
The EB Cobalts do have higer output and clarity but there is a lack of character to the tone, almost cold. I thought the strings had a hard feel although bends were not a problem. They did sound good with high distortion but I did not like the almost metallic clear tone they have. I use pure nickel strings on my guitars (Mangans) so that will give you an idea of what sounds good to me. I was curious about the Cobalts so I gave them a shot. Not for me but I can certainly understand why a player would like them.
By Rick Pascual
May 22, 2012
Great for Synth Guitar
I tried a set of these on my Godin synth guitar. Notes are more articulate which helps the tracking of notes. I'm very impressed and I'll be trying these on some other guitars and basses soon.
By mark
April 4, 2012
Coabalts are my staple now!
Been playing for over 20 years and I guitar tech for all the players at my church now. These strings are the best things to come out of ernie ball in years! In my "box" I always have "go-to" strings that go on all my guitars and that WAS the ernie ball coated brand. These feel better, sound more alive and accurate. I don't think these strings will be going anywhere regardless of price not when the manufacturer can't keep up with demand(got this straght from a guitar center manager who got it from a ernie ball rep.) Unfortunately I don't play enough to testify to their longevity(I still have a day job unfortunately). I beleive this summer though they will be put to the test, lot's of outdoor gigs coming up.
By guitbuilder
April 3, 2012
These are the Stuff!!
Killer fat tone, super stable tuning, barely had to tune 335 after pre-stretching strings through 2 hour long super hot sets. They feel softer and seem to have retained their tone even after a very sweaty night. I can't wait for the price to come down to earth, I'm afraid they won't survive being priced so high even though they are great. I don't think they are 3 times better than XL's!

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