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D'Addario Half Round Electric Guitar Strings

Item# DAD_EHR3X0
Buy Discount D'Addario Half Round Electric Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
D'Addario Half Round Electric Guitar Strings
D'Addario Half Round Electric Guitar Strings
D'Addario Half Round Electric Guitar Strings
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Item Description

Wrapped with 430 stainless steel and then precision ground, these D'Addario Half Round Electric Guitar Strings give you a smooth feel with round wound sound!

"Once I switched to D'Addario, I never looked back. They always sound great, and last as long as anything out there." - Ryan Montbleau

D'Addario Half Round Electric Guitar Strings offer bright tone and characteristics of a round wound string but with a smooth, precision ground, stainless steel outer surface.

All D'Addario strings are precisely wound around a hexagonally shaped high-carbon-steel core wire by computer-controlled machines guaranteeing clear intonation, rock-solid fundamentals, and incomparable consistency in every string. The tight core tension produced through this rigorous quality-controlled process results in a harmonically rich, longer-lasting string.

EHR320 Super Light - 9 11 16 24 32 42
EHR310 Regular Light - 10 13 17 26 36 46
EHR340 Light Top/Heavy Bottom - 10 13 17 30 42 52
EHR350 Jazz Light - 12 16 24 32 42 52
EHR360 Jazz Medium - 13 17 26 36 46 56
EHR370 Medium - 11 14 18 28 38 49

Don't see the what you need? Check out our full line of D'Addario Electric Guitar Strings!

D'Addario has incorporated Corrosion Intercept Technology into their environmentally friendly packaging to insure your strings are green, and fresh for the pickin'! All D'Addario packaging is either produced from recycled materials or is completely recyclable.

Don't forget about D'Addario's Players Points Program as a cool way to collect free D'Addario gear just for being a loyal customer!

Product Video

Vince Gill talks on D'Addario and plays
D'Addario Half Round Electric Guitar Strings - EHR350 Jazz Light


10 Reviews
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By Vincent
Aledo, TX
November 23, 2017
Good feeling and sounding strings
I have used these strings for some time now. I have been very happy with their performance. They are smoother than plain round wounds and feel better to the touch. I also use flat wounds on some of my instruments and although these are not quite the feel and sound of flat wound strings, they do a pretty good job.
ProsSound good, feel good and last a good while before brilliance starts to die down.
ConsNone I can think of right off hand.
By sudharsanam
trichy, tamilnadu
July 24, 2017
Smooth & Easy!
I've always used round wound strings and tried this for the first time. It feels so smooth to touch and feel the strings while playing due to the half round wounding still it retains the characteristic sound of the round wound.
ProsSo smooth, good feel & easy sliding
By Eduardo
Niteroi, RJ
April 27, 2017
good strings
good set of strings. Plays well and lasts decently.
By Ze Rubens
Sao Paulo, Brazil
October 4, 2016
Good for Blues and Pop Rock
It's warmer, but has some brightness yet.

Good for Blues, Pop Rock and compressed and closed overdriven/distorted/fuzz sounds like Santana.

Better with humbuckers in my point of view or for darken a little a very bright rosewood neck Strat.
ProsGood for humbuckers and closed distorted sounds. Blues and Pop Rock approved.
ConsNone, if you know what you are looking for.
By Alisa
Moscow, Russia
July 20, 2016
Very nice
I put a set of these strings on my rockabilly style Epiphone Flame Kat. This guitar never sounded great with regular strings, nickel plated round-wound. Pure nickel strings were an improvement, but not the best choice either. These D'Addario Half-Rounds make my rockabilly axe come alive.
ProsGenuine, vintage old-school tone with a nice feel and touch.
ConsWouldn't use these for metal. )
By Mike
June 14, 2016
Very, but very nice strings
The feel on your finger tips from this strings is just great.

Beautiful warm sounding strings, perfect for blues and soft rock. Definitely not for metal

Really love this strings and will buy them again for sure
Prosnice and very smooth finger feel awesome crunch/warm sounding
By Jason
Kingston, NS
July 29, 2015
Half rounds
Great if you need a little less spank on the low strings. They don't have that bright attack on the lower strings which works out great for many recording sessions. They seem to have a really good life span.
ProsGood life span out of a set. Like they say, half way between round wound and flat wound.
By Marty
Vancouver, BC
July 16, 2015
The best 8 gauge strings, nothing else seems close to them
I've been playing electric guitar and the Ramones for 1.5 years now, and have searched high and low for the best strings. I needed super-light strings to help avoid tendinitis, and the strings had to have nice, full string tone and smooth feel without string noise. After having tried so many 8 and 9 gauge strings, the winner for me is the D'Addario EHR330 Half-Round strings.

The wound strings of the EHR330 feel pretty smooth and, more importantly, there's no audible string when sliding chords (I do barre chords almost exclusively) at any moderate and higher picking strength. The only way you'll hear string noise on a slide is if there is very little vibrational energy in the string, and I doubt anyone would pick that lightly because you can't even get a clear tone at such a soft vibrational level.

The lack of string noise means the following. With regular wound strings, if you need to press down with X number of pounds of pressure to fret a chord, you'll need maybe 1.5X or more pounds of pressure to be able to fret and slide the chord without generating audible string noise. This creates a lot of fatigue over time. But with these half round strings, you can do the chord slide with maybe 1.1X to 1.2 pounds of pressure and not hear string noise (you'd tend to increase the pressure a little on slides to help maintain sustain during the slide). Hence there's a net reduction in effort needed to play electric guitar, and it makes playing that much more fun.

The strings feel smoother than regular wound strings, but they don't feel as smooth as plain strings. Some people write that the strings feel sticky. Not at all, in my experience. They don't feel like silk but they're definitely not sticky.

The tone is nice and full, virtually identical to the EB pure nickel strings which I have also used (I did A/B recording tests on these two strings). So what does it sound like then when playing rock and roll? Does it sound mellow and boring, or does it sound powerful and exciting? Well here's a Ramones cover I recorded with the EB Pure Nickel strings so you can hear for yourself how full and powerful the same sound of the EHR330 is:

Hope you try at least one package of these half-rounds. Cheers!
By Jason
Toronto, ON
February 17, 2015
more tone chasing
I'm a metal player but do enjoy tone chasing. D'Addario wasn't joking when they said these were darker and deeper sounding. I like to try extremes like steel strings to see how bright the guitar can go and then of course you want to try these on guitars for other things.

they had a lot of grip, the 10-52 set I had was similar to a coated set of strings that have been on too long, very warm, bassy, mellow.. whatever you want to say. So definitely not for shredders or metal guys but they were fun to try. Thinking outside the box these would be great paired with a few effects on a "DAW" to make your electric sound like a bass. I had these on a BC Rich I test all my strings on for about 2 months and ended up clipping them off and went back to what I was using though. On a baritone guitar in B or A these may be better suited.
Proslong lasting lots of grip a unique sound
By Jon Sibaila
May 14, 2012
Great strings for jazz! Smooth to the touch, no rasp when changing positions, but gives some resonance so I can practice on my archtop without plugging in. They also last a LONG time!

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