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Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Phos Acoustic Guitar Strings

Item# DM_204X
Buy Discount Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Phos Acoustic Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Phos Acoustic Guitar Strings
Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Phos Acoustic Guitar Strings
$7.99List Price $27.00

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Item Description

"The GoldPhos are Beautifully sounding with a warm and evenly nice rounded Tonal Projection with a very FULL-ON sound. They have a very balanced and even feel about them. Again - with total voicing separation, and their Quality of sound is total Inspiration…!! - Amrit Sond, U.K.

Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Phos Acoustic Guitar Strings offer a warm, projecting acoustic tone, with bright intonation and brilliant harmonics while maintaining the feel of traditional non-coated strings. These phosphor bronze strings are visually stunning with their beautiful golden lines.

What makes Alchemy strings different? Instead of being coated, an electroplated treatment is applied to the wrap and core wires that minimizes corrosion, and extends the tonal life of the string without losing the traditional feel.

2043 Light - 11-15-24-32-42-52
2045 Custom Light - 12-16-25-32-42-54
2048 Medium - 13-17-26-36-46-56

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Product Video

Don Alder talks about Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Phos Acoustic Guitar Strings.


11 Reviews
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9% (1)
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9% Recommend this product (1 of 11 responses)
By Actionman
NB, Canada
March 1, 2016
Love hate
I was a big fan of DM electric guitar strings until I started noticing inconsistencies and plain old poor quality. This set seems to have met the same fate.
I like the tone of them albeit slightly too light for my feel.
The high "E" string took forever to finally settle and then I noticed horrible overtones and unpleasant vibration from the "D" and "G".
Sometimes a guitar and the set of strings just don't like each other regardless though. I will no longer be using DM strings.
ProsGood tone and overall balance.
ConsInconsistent quality control. Hit or miss for me and I need something I can always depend on.
By Mike Duncan
Northwest Arkansas
November 20, 2012
Perfect strings. Very well balanced.
There are lots of strings that claim to sound good. These sound awesome. I put them on a Custom Legend Ovation and the volume increased a lot. These strings are coated, but you would never know it. They are much brighter than other strings I've tried (on the same guitar). The bottom-end is wonderful. It's the first time I can honestly say any one of my guitars sounds close to my Martin D-35. You keep selling them. I'll keep buying.
ProsTone Color Longevity
By scott
December 31, 2011
alchemy gold
these are the best strings for longevity and tonal sound. I've played for over 40 years and find dean markley gold alchemy the best feel and sound. I would recommend the .011 for rythm great sustain also !
By Jonathan
August 21, 2011
Dead on arrival
I bought these in medium gauge as I'm trying to find an alternative to the overpriced elixirs and they seemed to have been getting good reviews. I play an Alvarez Yairi DY-45 and am always getting compliments on its sound. I put these strings on and found them to be totally dead right from the start. The tone is dull and muted and they still produce a lot of finger squeak (and my technique for avoiding squeak is pretty good). For the first time recently at an open mic someone told me I should look into another guitar because mine sounded so dull. These strings aren't that old but are coming off today. I would say buy one set on sale and see how you like them, as others seem to like them.
By Harry
April 17, 2011
Alchemy Goldphos
Beautiful sounding strings..Smooth feel, very good balance, beautiful tone, nice sustain and long life!
By Mike
April 2, 2011
These are Secret Weapon strings.
By Peter
January 22, 2011
Markley Alchemy Goldphos Strings
I am so glad they brought these back. These are my favorite strings by far. Sound and look great. The plating rather than coating means you don't have that fuzzy plastic wear you get from coated strings. Also, you can play slide without ruining thenm. I don't know how long they last because I change them after several months of playing and they still have life left in them. Please buy these strings so they don't get discontinued again!
By John
January 2, 2011
Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Phos Acoustic Guitar Strings
I know others like these strings but I didn't. Bought some to try and didn't like the tone at all, it sounded harsh and strings didn't feel good on the fingers. I played them on a Gibson Gospel. My fav is Elixir Phos Bronxe Acoustic. Different strings for different folks.
By John Lynch
April 26, 2010
fantastic strings. my favorite for now...
I got a few of these about a year ago when they were on sale. I was amazed. The best strings I've ever tried. They look cool too. All strings have this goldish bronze color. I last veeeery long. And the coating doesn't interfere with the sound like Elxirs. It actually makes the sound more bright I think. These strings just won't die. I've been thinking about changing them, but they just still sound great. Conisidering how long they live, and how good they sound, they're far worth the investment compared to cheaper strings.
February 11, 2010
Try them !
My favorite ones until now ! they sound so good on my Talylor.
By Rick Crabtree
February 2, 2010
Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Phos Guitar Strings
This is one of the best Guitar String on the market.
This String is a well kept secret. It has both a bright and warm rich sound. Much better that Elixir.

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