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D'Addario XSAPB1253 XS Phosphor Bronze Guitar Strings Light 12-53

Item# DAD_XSAPB1253
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Item Description

D'ADDARIO XS breathing new life into coated strings.

D'Addario XS Acoustic Phosphor Bronze is a tremendous leap in coated string technology combining D'Addario's most popular acoustic alloy with the most advanced string coating technology, resulting in clear tone, smooth feel, and superior tuning stability - all with the longest possible string life. With its ultra-thin film coating on every wound string and a unique polymer treatment on the plain steels, XS offers the highest level of protection, for maximum life with an uncommonly smooth feel. XS also features NY Steel high carbon core and plain string wire, along with D'Addario's exclusive Fusion Twist, for incomparable break strength and tuning stability. XS is the most innovative coated string ever created.


A tremendous leap forward in coating technology allows the string windings to be completely protected from contaminants for lasting tone and maximum life.


With NY Steel at its core, XS offers greater break strength and tuning stability which are only enhanced by our proprietary Fusion Twist technology.


Thanks to an incredibly thin coating, every XS string stays true to the iconic D'Addario tone.


XSAPB1047 Phosphor Bronze Extra Light 10-14-23-30-36-47

XSAPB1152 Phosphor Bronze Custom Light 11-15-22-32-42-52

XSAPB1253 Phosphor Bronze Light 12-16-24-42-53

XSAPB1356 Phosphor Bronze Medium 13-17-26-35-45-56

XSAPB1047-12 Phosphor Bronze 12-String Light 10-10-14-14-23-08-30-12-39-18-47-27

D'Addario XSAPB1253 XS Phosphor Bronze Guitar Strings Light 12-53
D'Addario XSAPB1047 XS Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Extra Light 10-47
D'Addario XSAPB1152 XS Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Custom Light 11-52
D'Addario XSAPB1356 XS Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Medium 13-56
D'Addario XSAPB1047-12 Acoustic Guitar XS Phosphor Bronze 12 String Acoustic Guitar Strings Light 10-47
D'Addario XSM1140 Phosphor Bronze Mandolin Strings Medium 11-40


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By Jeff
South Carolina
Excellent first impression
September 18, 2021
I've used Elixir PB lights for as long as I can remember. However, I picked up a set of the new D'Addario XS PB lights on a whim and installed them on my workhorse guitar. That guitar gets 80 hours or more of play time each month. I'm really pleased with the way the XS's sound initially. I've always liked Elixir's tone once they've been "played in" for about an hour, but the XS strings sounded great right away. I think they're slightly less bright than the Elixirs. I normally have to replace Elixirs every month because they become fuzzy as the coating wears off, and soon afterwards start going out of tune. It will be interesting to see how well the XS strings hold up over time. I'll update my review at that time if the website lets me.
By Pete
Raleigh NC
Long lasting, good tone
September 16, 2021
Up to this point, Iíve been gigging with Elixir HD light strings for a long time now due to longevity, playability, and tone. But Iím finding that the coating is starting to unravel quicker and have had some noticeable intonation issues on some recent sets causing me to have to replace them more often now so I started looking for alternatives.

This led me to try the DíAddario XS light and medium sets on a mahogany Martin 0000 and a rosewood Collings C100 respectively. Iíve had them for over two months now with little wear on the coating, no degradation of tone, the thinner coating still makes them easy to play but there is a bit more finger noise as a result, nothing objectionable.

The main thing that I really like about these strings is their tone. I know this is subjective and probably might have different results based on what guitar they are installed on, but these strings sound warmer and let the wood of the guitar shine through. The Elixirs sounded very bright and somewhat shrill in comparison especially on the Collings which is a bright guitar to begin with.

This is my new go to set for coated acoustic strings.
ProsLong lasting Warm tone Playability
ConsCost, but the Elixirs were only lasting a month before I needed to change them. It's looking like I'll be able to get at least 2-3 months with the XS's so they're cheaper in the long run.
By Charlie
Not as bright as Elixir, not quite as warm as EXP16s.
July 8, 2021
Overall, I love these strings! They last forever, much like Elixirs, but also sound better than Elixir in my opinion. They seem to be about 75% as slick as Elixir, and are much warmer-sounding I think. They're a bit brighter than EXP16s, but for the increased life I can take it. Most of the time EXPs will go sour in about a month regardless of how much I play, but these stay fresh for much, much longer.
ProsLong Life Warmer than Elixirs Great feel No squeak
ConsI like the old ball end colors. :(
By Picker's G.
Charlottesville, VA
New XS Acoustic Strings by Daddario
June 8, 2021
Yes, the are expensive however, what you get is a string that stays in tune much better and lasts longer than uncoated strings. If you like Elixers try these, the coating is less slippery, just enough for easy sliding. A little finger noise but hardly noticeable. The most important thing is tone, they sound better on my Martin OOO-15M. I switched from light gauged to extra light and I cannot believe how my neck feels effortless now. I still get a nice tone with a heavy pick with the extra lights. I think my search is over for the perfect string on this guitar and my playing comfort.
ConsPrice, I hope it comes down a bit in time.

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