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GHS David Gilmour Signature Electric Guitar Strings GB-DGF Blue Set 10-48

Buy Discount GHS David Gilmour Signature Electric Guitar Strings GB-DGF Blue Set 10-48 On Sale Online and Save
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David Gilmour's connection with GHS' Boomer series goes back to 1979, when he started using them on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" project. He uses gauges 10, 12, 16, 28, 38, and 48 on his Fender Stratocaster^TM, and gauges 10.5, 13, 17, 30, 40, and 50 on his Gibson Les Paul™. Decide for yourself what is right for you.


12 Reviews
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By chris
Brooklyn, NY
August 1, 2017
Excellent set for 25.5 inch scale in E standard
This was the first set of GHS strings I've ever used. (25 years in!) I'm really impressed with the quality and longevity with this set. I choose it because I was experimenting with gauges and this set is unique to GHS. The changes from a 10-46 set are subtle but they make a huge difference. Specifically the .12 for a B string, really makes 1 1/2 and 2 step bends easier.
Pros.12 B string makes bending easier. .48 low E string has a more substantial feel. In general this set is Ideal for fender scale in E standard tuning (how Mr. Gilmour uses it.)
ConsNot ideal for lower tunings. the .12 B is a little floppy feeling in E flat or D
By GaryLW
April 4, 2017
Tarnish Problems Fixed with New Packaging - Great Strings
In a previous review I described a rusting problem when strings are stored for a couple of months. GHS have created all new sealed packets for these strings now and there is zero tarnish now. Love these strings and I use both gauges on long and short scale guitars (Fender - Gibson).
ProsGreat Gauges Great Sounds Great Feel
By Gary
March 5, 2017
Good strings NOW they do store well - UPDATED PACKAGING
I previously reviewed these string with the heading "Good strings BUT don't store well". I bought some more sets with the intention of oiling all strings before storage BUT when they arrived I found, to my great delight, GHS has created all new sealed plastic envelopes for each strings. GHS YOU ROCK. They have responded quickly to a serious problem and they are to be highly commended for doing so. These are the only strings I now use on several guitars, including my Telecaster and I'm sure they would be a superb string for a Start as well. I now also use GHS David Gilmour 10.5 - 50 on my large F hole archtop electric.
ProsExcellent strings Great Sound Easy to bend Long Lasting Nice feel
By Marlon
Laurel, MD
December 12, 2016
Great Strings for a Great Price
These strings are fantastic. Really burst with tone and feel. I put them on my 52 Vintage Telecaster and they really bring out the identity of this guitar. I'm going through a period of string experimentation but these are staying on my tele. No need to look any further. I'm buying more of these guaranteed.
ProsGreat tone. Great volume and feel.
ConsNothing so far.
By Maus
November 2, 2016
GHS Gilmour
First use, and very satisfied. Full, sparkling, firm cords, full tone for soloing just very nice feel and sound. long lasting. Same for Gilmour Les Paul set
By Gary
Brisbane, Australia
August 21, 2015
Good strings BUT don't store well
Bought three sets. Put one set on my Telecaster & really like their sound and playability. Other two sets put away in sealed plastic bag with silica gel. Several months later, opened packet to replace strings and found both spare packets had massive rust on all plain strings and the plain ends of the wound strings (winding itself was not rusted). When I say rusted, I don't mean a little surface tarnish I mean great freaking lumps of dark brown rust that had even stained through the paper envelopes and eaten well into the strings. I really like this gauge on my Tele but will not buy extras; I'll just put them on as I buy them. Unfortunately I'm in Australia so the postage cost will probably negate any saving I would otherwise get buy buying multiple sets.
By claudemyster
Scarborough, ON
January 3, 2015
Best strings in the price range for sure!!
Fantastic Pink Floyd tone. Feel great too. Play extremely nice.
By Jason
Toronto, ON
July 4, 2014
a must for pink floyd fans
usually I stay away from signature strings as I don't want to be a fan boy and it's really difficult to get 100% of an artists signature sound but I really liked these. It's similar to what a 10s on the thin strings and 11s on the low strings would sound like so you'll get those really nice bends and at the same time power when needed. I never cared for the GHS Boomers after a few years so these might be something different.
By Dave
Brampton, ON
March 2, 2014
GHS David Gilmour Signature Strings
Been using GHS for all my electrics for years. Tried different brands, but always find myself coming back to GHS. Highly recommended.
ProsTone Feel Longevity
By Liam
Richmond, BC
February 26, 2014
Good quality string- both gauges
I've recently tried both the red and blue versions of these, and well, like most GHS strings, they're awesome. Hint- Use 10-48s (Blue) on a 25.5 (eg. strat) neck. Use the reds (10.5-50) on smaller necks (les paul/mustang) That'll maximize they're playability, and I believe it is what Gilmour himself does.
ProsGood feeling, big tone. Dynamic string, good tension, but bendable.
ConsNothing. GHS are a great brand
By Chuck
June 29, 2010
Best Strings at a great price
I had been using the regular GHS Boomers set GBL until these came out. Switched to these and never went back. I always had problems with strings breaking when doing big bends but these things last until I decide to change them. My current set has been on my guitar for about 8 months now which is a long time I just haven't gotten around to ordering more until now and decided to write a review.
By Nemesis11c
January 31, 2010
Make all the difference in the world.
Absolutely fantastic strings, until I started using these I had been playing the fenders or sometimes ernie ball strings, and these strings absolutely blow them all out of the water. They not only last forever, they have a nice bright and rich sound, and bend surprisingly far without losing tune. If you're at all a fan of Gilmour, like his music, his style, or love getting the most out of your guitar, then these strings are the way to go.

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