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GHS Boomers Electric Guitar Strings GBL Light 10-46

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Item Description

From their beginnings as a small family-owned business in 1964 to one of the industry leaders, The GHS Strings Company is world-renowned for their high-performance guitar strings. The GHS Boomers are their most popular model, used by the biggest names in the music business. Often called "The Power String," Boomers produce a clear, bright tone for powerful performances. These strings are made with a round core wire, round wound with nickel-plated steel. This gives them extra durability and a long-lasting tone. Each package is hermetically sealed to keep them fresh and free of moisture.

We offer different gauges of BHS Boomers for different playing styles and personal preferences, from Super Light up to Heavy, Heavy Bottom and more. Our gauge selections give you the range from first to sixth string. While gauge choices have a lot to do with personal taste and "feel," there are some rules of thumb and advantages/disadvantages of both. For newer players, lighter gauge strings are easier to fret, bend and use with slides. However, they also tend to be more prone to breakage. They also cause more buzzing of the fret board if the neck action on the guitar is low. Heavier gauge strings are more difficult to play, but they'll give you a fuller sound, more volume and greater sustain. A heavy gauge string will also break less frequently, and will be a better performer for detuning (such as a "drop D"). It is also possible to combine a lighter gauge on the top with a heavier gauge on the bottom.

Gauge Options:

Super Light GB8.5 - 8.5-10.5-14-22-32-40
Extra Light GBXL - 9-11-16-24-32-42
Extra Light+ GB9.5 - 9.5-11.5-16-24-32-44
Custom Light GBCL- 9-11-16-26-36-46
Light/Extra Light GBLXL 10-13-15-26-32-38
Light GBL - 10-13-17-26-36-46
Thin-Thick GBTNT - 10-13-17-30-44-52
True Medium GBTM - 11-15-18-28-38-50
Medium GBM - 11-15-18-26-36-50
Heavy GBH - 12-16-19-28-38-52
Low GB-LOW - 11-15-19-33-43-53
Heavy Bottom GBZW 10-13-17-36-52-60 $4.99 per set
Signature GBZWLO 11-14-18-36-52-70 $4.99 per set
Wound 3rd DYM - 13-17-26w-36-44-56 $4.99 per set


GHS Boomers Electric Guitar Strings GBL Light 10-46

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