D'Addario EJ Pro Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings EJ46 Hard 28-44

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These D'Addario EJ Pro Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings precisely blend tonality, range, and longevity for the most demanding performer.

"With D'Addario strings I can achieve the utmost versatility of sound, the widest range of tone colors." - Classical Guitarist Sandro Di Stefano

D'Addario EJ Pro Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings offer a warm, projecting tone, due to the bass strings silver plated copper wrap wire. The multi-filament stranded nylon core, dramatically improves tonation and guarantees 2-3 times the longevity.

The trebles in all Pro-Arte Strings are checked for quality by computer-controlled machines that use lasers to perform diameter and tension measurements to insure precise intonation.

EJ45 Normal Clear - 28-32-40-29-34-43
EJ46 Hard Clear - 28-32-41-30-36-44
EJ44 Extra Hard Clear - 29-33.3-41.6-30-36-45
EJ43 Light Clear - 27.5-31.7-39.7-28-33-42
EJ47 Normal Clear 80/20 Bronze - 28-32-40-29-34-43 J47
EJ48 Hard Clear 80/20 Bronze - 28.5-32.7-41-30-36-44
EJ49 Normal Black/Silver - 28-32.2-40.3-39-35-43
EJ50 Hard Blacks/Sivler - 28.5-32.7-41-30-36-44
EJ52 Alto Normal Tension - 25 28 32 25 29 34

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