Acoustic Guitar Strings Infographic

Acoustic Guitar Strings Infographic

Jul 14th 2023

Strung up about what acoustic guitar strings to buy? At some point, all guitar players will ask themselves ?What are the right acoustic strings for me?? Over the years, the choices have become overwhelming. For this reason, our string experts at Strings and Beyond have designed a simple acoustic guitar string infographic to unwind the mystery of the acoustic guitar string.

What are guitar strings made of? The first, and arguably the most important, consideration to gauge how a string will sound and feel. Acoustic guitar strings are made of basically two components ? the core and the winding. All guitars used to feature round cores, and round core strings are still hand-wound to ensure quality. The strings provide a dense and more vintage sound of yesteryear. Hex core strings are now the industry standard and can be precision-wound by machines to ensure consistency and quality. Due to their shape, hex core strings also provide a better response than round core strings.

The type of winding, or wrap wire, on your acoustic guitar strings will help determine its tonal characteristics. For instance, silk and steel wound strings will produce a mellow, warm sound, while 80/20 phosphor bronze strings will provide a brighter tone with enhanced projection. Windings can be coated for protection against corrosion, lengthening the life of your strings. A wrap wire coating can also reduce unwanted finger squeaks. It?s important to know, however, that a low-quality coating can dull the strings? intonation.

The last consideration when string shopping is the tension of acoustic guitar strings. Acoustic guitar strings are typically available in medium, light and extra light gauges. A rule of thumb is the heavier the gauge, the more volume and resonance. However, heavier gauges can be more difficult to play. For beginners, light or extra light gauges are preferred due to their flexibility and playability. Lighter gauges are also gentler on the fingers.

In the end, player preference and skill level are the most important factors in finding the perfect set of strings, but hopefully this acoustic guitar strings infographic will help you hit the right notes.