Augustine Paragon Red Carbon Classical Guitar Strings Medium Tension


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Augustine Paragon Red Carbon Guitar Strings - Medium Tension

The crisp, powerful stability of carbon trebles without the loss of organic warm provided by traditional nylon.

Medium tension fluorocarbon trebles.
High tension silver basses.
Balanced. Full-bodied. Robust.

Produced in New York by the manufacturer of the original nylon guitar string.


E1: .61mm
B2: .68mm
G3: .85mm
D4: .75mm
A5: .89mm
E6: 1.08mm

Augustine Strings' legacy of innovation began over 75 years ago when our founder, Albert Augustine, successfully created the first nylon guitar string at the request of legendary Spanish classical guitarist, Andrés Segovia.

As the inventor and producer of the gold standard of nylon guitar strings, Augustine continues to advance the sonic possibilities of our instrument today with the introduction of the crystal nylon Imperial and Regal lines and the fluorocarbon Paragon sets - all strings of the highest quality, made in the USA, and designed to offer guitarists a full range of options to bring out the best sound and playability from their instrument."